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To continue expanding my knowledge on decor and to better prepare myself for decorating a house, (when we get one) I recently signed up for a class at Kendall College for Interior Design.  This is an adult community class that goes on for about 2 months and so far, I've enjoyed it immensely. I highly recommend taking a class from CJ VanDaff!  Before diving into more technical aspects of design, we've discussed major elements that you can find in design.  Depending on your personal style, you may not use all of these or choose to use them all in unique ways.

Pictures are the best way to describe these elements.

Rhythm can be best described as repetition of objects.  The above picture shows the picture frames having broken repetition.  You can obviously have even repetition, which would appear if these frames were all in a row or column.

Michelles Master Bedroom. eclectic bedroom

Using contrast in a room, whether it is contrast in colors, like the picture above, or contrast in shapes, patterns, and textures will all help create interest in your room. 

This picture above displays a symmetrical balance of a room. Pairs of items in the room (like the lamps, fireplace decorations, and bookcases) are used to create a restful balance.  This is rather too matching for some, so this is where asymmetrical balance can be used. 

This pretty much explains itself, the use of different or the same patterns in a space.  It is okay to mix patterns, despite what some people think! 

To create more appeal in a room, some items need to be put on display...make visitors take interest instantly! These focal points in your space, like this fireplace above, are accented by these bright, large, and unique objects around it. It forces the eye to check it out.

Using texture: soft, ridged, shiny, smooth, harsh, uneven, shaggy, are all ways to make a room feel a certain way.  Want something soft and feminine for your bedroom? Why not add shag carpet and silky satin sheets?  

Scale is defined as how big or small objects appear in a room.  This element is hard to execute, but when done properly, looks amazing.  The object above this bed is rather small in comparisons to the rest of the room and the space on the wall, but it piques your interests and adds an asymmetrical feel to the bedroom. The picture below depicts scale on a larger verison with the huge purple lamp in the corner! 

Julianne Kelly eclectic living room

Shape is an easy element because most objects have a distinct shape about them, but it is especially intriguing when the shapes are odd, very small, or really big, and mixed with other different shapes.

Take a look at your space and see if you can see these elements.  What element are you particularly drawn too?  For me, using color as contrast and rhythm would be a fun elements to play with.  It is when you collaborate particular elements together to create a cohesive look, that beauty occurs.  

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3 Responses to Elements Speak

  1. I like the contrast in color, and I even like the colors in that picture with the gray and yellow! can't wait to hear more about how your class is going!

  2. I love the rooms that you chose to show the various elements. I nodded along thinking these were all things I could do and almost have done [minus lacking some key ingredients like things that match], but then I saw the last room. Oh goodness. I particularly want the awesome bed. I'd have to have foot lights so there'd be an awesome tree shadow on the back wall. So great!

  3. I liked the pattern room the best and would welcome any ideas your gleaning from class on how to add more color/pattern to our house. Can't wait to talk about it.


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