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Kitchen Renovation & Changes

Wow you guys. It's been a while. 
If you haven't noticed on all my social media feeds, big changes have and will continue to be occurring. About a month ago my husband started a new job... in Denver, Colorado! It's a long story, but to be short and frank - we wanted a challenge, more opportunities, and place that suited our lifestyles better. So of course this big move meant that we had to sell the house, which we did in less than a day. We spent right up to the showings kicking ass on refinishing the upstairs bathroom and other small pieces to the kitchen. I'm so happy with how the kitchen turned out, I just had to share. Here is a peak back to the beginning of our renovation... we came a long way!!

Since my life has taken this amazing, yet abrupt turn, I'm not really sure where I see this blog going. This blog has been a diary of my life in Michigan and I don't see it continuing out in Denver. It's hard to fathom not blogging ever again as I love this outlet, so I'm going to assume I'll start over on a new blog after I have a handle on my new life in Colorado. Who knows. Right now I'm just trying to enjoy the time left in Michigan. Then onto the next endless pursuit. 

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