Thrifting with Oma

In light of this "monstrous" blizzard that is suppose to hit GR tonight, I thought I'd share an outfit from a sunny day and talk about a wonderful topic.  

Thrifting - Second Hand - Reusing - Consignment - Garage Sales

 Whatever you want to call it, I was raised to relish it.

 Let me tell you a story to better explain.

There once was an elderly lady whom everyone loved. She was of short stature, donning thick rimmed glasses, with short curled grey hair - and when you embraced her, she was ever so soft. In her presence you could detect the scent of Jean Nate and White Rain.  Fingernails stained from picking and cooking with some sort of berry, she was a hard worker. Everyone in the small community seemed to know her and her generosity for others.  Her name was Katerina, but since coming to America in 1958, she went by Karin.  Karin adored garage sales, auctions, thrift stores, and estate sales.  These moments were not only about finding treasures, but about meeting new people and engaging in conversation.   

Karin adored collecting her thrifty finds in her attic and then showing her grandchildren when they came over to visit.  The never ending wonders the attic held were always a magical place for them.  With her actions she revealed to her beloved ones that even though she brought in plenty of items from garage sales and such, she gave most away.  When Karin began to grow weak, her delight in these things never declined.  

Taking on this same ardor, her children and grandchildren cherish finding their own treasures.  
Thanks Grandma Karin for passing down this love and for teaching me about thriftiness and giving back.
This post is for you. 
You will forever be loved and missed.

Hi Zach! I see you!

playing with photoshop...badly

I almost got away with a full thrifted outfit (jewelry and all!), but realized that I didn't have a sweater! Just because the sun was out did not mean I wanted to freeze my butt off. So alas, the purple sweater from Urban Outfitters had to make an appearance. I like incorporating thrift finds with one item of clothing that is higher priced from a non-thrift store. I guess that is how I justify it. :)

How well can you thrift? Do you have a particular place you regularly check out?  

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6 Responses to Thrifting with Oma

  1. I would spend my life in thrift stores if I could. I frequent them so often in the city I live in that one of the elderly women who work at one told me "you should just bring a sleeping bag and set up shop here" cute!! I love this outfit girl. I really like the detail of your top and that skirt. Have a great week!! x

  2. haha I totally understand! Don't want to miss out on anything "new." Thanks for the comment, I adore your blog. :)

  3. cute ourfit!! i love the skirt and watch. you are a really great thrifter!! i rarely find anything good..

  4. Thanks Amber! Keep digging, I'm sure you'll find your own treasures. :) I know for me, it takes a a good amount of time to find anything worth buying.


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