Groom and Groomsmen

Well, according to TheKnot, I'm way behind on some important aspects of my wedding, that being what Zach and his groomsmen are going to be wearing. We've talked about our style for the wedding and have concluded that since we are going for a laid back and casual vibe, we'd want to reflect that in the apparel as well. I also didn't want the gentlemen to look severely formal since my wedding gown is more appropriate for an outside setting. Here are some of our ideas thus far. 

Zach's Inspiration

Zach (and I) are currently watching season two of MadMen and love the show. Something about this era is super sexy, and Zach loves how well all the men dress in the show.  Now, if it were up to me to dress Zach in the manner that depicts the perfect soul mate, then I would have him looking like this....

But alas, he didn't go for the chest baring look. Although, at the beginning of our wedding planning he was talking about sporting the ascot! Someday, I'll get him to look like Mr. Darcy.  Someday. :)
Below is a suit that is similar to what we are looking for. Light grey, slim suit, that is reasonably priced. 


Zach looks really handsome in grey, since he is more fair colored, and black might be a tad too hot in June. We didn't want the groomsmen having to spend a lot on suits, since we nixed tuxedos a while back.  Right now, we would like them to all have matching vests and pants, with a tie that goes well with the bridesmaids dresses (in fresh mint), but this has been pretty hard to find so far. I'm guessing more grey suits and vests will start to come out closer to Spring. If not, we are thinking about just doing grey pants with a tie and forgetting about the vests.  For the tie, I'm not sure if we want to match perfectly with the bridesmaids or not, but if we do go that route, I found the perfect tie on Etsy. This artist custom sews neckties that match J.Crew's "fresh mint" dresses! 

Hopefully we can get this sorted out in the next month or two. I'm trying to take a more casual approach to wedding planning in general. We've decided that the wedding planning should not be the sole focus when we spend time with each other, since it is the marriage aspect that needs the most attention devoted to it. It floors me when I read about how much time an engage couple spend planning for one day in their life, whereas they should have been focusing on how they were going to spend the rest of the lives together! Speaking of which, I probably should quick blogging and spend some time with my fiancé! 

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5 Responses to Groom and Groomsmen

  1. That's so awesome that you found a "fresh mint" tie on Etsy! Love Etsy!

  2. So yeah, I'm down with the whole casual thing, but since I'm not in the wedding party, I plan on wearing a sear sucker suit. Baller. Straight. Baller. Will zach's wedding party be clean shaven?

  3. Hah Joe, I would love it if you actually did wear a sear sucker least you won't sweat! If Zach had it his way, he'd have a mustache for his wedding day...but yes, the boys better be clean shaven!

  4. That's so awesome that you found a "fresh mint" tie on Etsy! Love Etsy!

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