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As much as I detest getting up early, today I made the exception and attended an event for professional organization before heading off to work. The speaker, Mary Dykstra, a professional organizer, enlightened the group about the best ways to stay organized mentally and physically in your work environment and at home.

I am always looking for a better way to stay organize and her tips got me to question my efficiency at work. Mary discussed that before clearing away clutter on your desk, you must focus on how organized your thought processes are during a normal day.  Do you try to multi-task way too many thing together and end up wasting more time? How long do you take to email or simply read all your emails?  How many of us are guilty of consistently checking email, Facebook, Twitter to a point where we wonder how much time was spent working that day?  I know I have a bad habit of wanting to multi-task as much as possible, but Mary stressed to work solely on the most important item for that day and get that done first.  When we try to squeeze other tasks in between, we end up creating a bigger distraction for ourselves.  Along with many other useful tips, Mary discussed some ways to clean up a cluttered desk. You would be surprised how people perceive your work habits just by looking at the cleanliness of your work space.  Would you trust a co-worker with a filthy desk to keep track all of your important documents?  Thanks Mary for your insights! 

So how do I stay organized at work?  I love using folders and shelving for the stacks of papers my desk accumulates, but one of my favorite organizational tools are any type of "message boards." Super nerdy, I know, but it's true. Zach even bought me a cork board for my birthday this past year...he knows me so well. 
I love tacking reminders up at my desk; I know I will never forget about them if they are pinned in front of my face, instead of hiding in a folder! 

There are all types of organizational "boards" that you can use around work or home.  For me, this is also a way for to visualize ideas...colors, fashion, recipes, projects, etc.      

These are some of my favorites! 

Bamboo Dry Erase Board

Flower Cork Board

Fabric Bulletin Board

These fabric bulletin boards are also really easy to make.  During high-school I had a 4X4 feet one in my room that I filled with pictures and notes.  Click on the link for a quick "how to." What type of organizational message boards, if any, do you use? I hope this post inspires everyone to clean out there desks (whether at home or work) and get organized for this 2011 year. Tack up a picture or quote that makes you happy... something nice to look at everyday. :)

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