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Sportswear as Everyday Wear

Hey there! I want to say thank you for all the positive feedback from my last sportswear to everyday wear post. I have been thinking about how to better incorporate my career and love for an active lifestyle into my blog for a while... and you all reassured me that I was on track. So on with more of these posts! 

One staple for any runner to have is plenty of half zips. In the winter time they are usually complemented with a waterproof jacket and/or a nice warm base layer. For causal wear, I like to pair them with a cardigan or jacket. And if you score a half zip with thumb holes, you can ditch the gloves on a sunny winter day! Bonus!     

Cardigan: J.Crew
Half Zip: Asics
Cords: J.Crew

This weekend was perfect to explore our wonderful city, grab some Rowster Coffee beans, and antique shop way more than expected. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen our manly workbench bar that we scored. I can't wait for our dining room to be complete so I can share photos of it with you all! 

So who is going to bust out their half zips and mix them with a casual outfit? 

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About The Endless Pursuit

Hello! I'm Kate - apparel buyer, avid runner, and hobbyist. 
This is my lifestyle blog dedicated to my endless passions and adventures in life.
It's here where I can share creations, aspirations, and everything in between.

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Nori Wraps

Before becoming a vegetarian, I adored going out for sushi. The culture & elegance that is evidently brought out when you grab your chopsticks and gently pick up a california roll truly makes the whole experience. Lucky for me, there is plenty of veggie rolls out there so I don't have to miss out! One of my favorite aspects of diving into this plant based lifestyle has been experimenting with all types of different foods. It has forced me to go out of my comfort zone, to trust myself to make yummy and beautiful meals, even if I've never cooked the dish before. I know for a fact this is part of the reason why my cooking has improved greatly over the last year. This was my first attempt at nori wraps and considering how easy they are, I couldn't believe I had waited this long to make them at home.

Nori Wraps

Garlic Powder
Whole Grain Sushi Rice
Orange/Red Bell Peppers
Nori (or any seaweed sheet)
Rice Vinegar (optional) 
Pickled Ginger (optional)

First cook your rice. 
Since sushi rice is stickier and smaller than regular brown rice, I'd double check the directions on the package before cooking. Once the rice is cooking, prep all veggies, slicing them thin. I only had bell peppers and avocado on hand, but you can put practically any veggie in these wraps. Lay your nori sheet out on a cutting board. After rice is cooked sprinkle a dash of vinegar & garlic powder over rice and mix. Evenly spread rice over nori wrap. Place a few strips of peppers and avocados on one end. Take a corner and roll towards the opposite corner, keeping the wrap tight. 

Now I know you don't need chopsticks for your nori wrap, but I usually make a side of rice and edamame to pair with the wraps, any excuse to use chopsticks...oh and don't forget your pickled ginger and wasabi! 

What would you put in your nori wraps? 
I'd love to fry up some tofu and pair it with radish sprouts and asparagus! 

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Mini Tour - My Dressing Room

Hello folks! Hope your week has been treating you well so far! Since things have slowed down on our
house in the last couple months, I thought I'd at least keep you updated with the small improvements. Today
I wanted to give you guys a mini tour of my dressing room. None of the rooms upstairs have really been touched as far as fixing the walls, painting, redoing floors, etc... but that didn't stop me from making a space of my own and decorating over the ugliness! Welcome to my "girl cave." 

I love hanging my longer necklaces on my vintage dress form. It's a fun
piece that reminds me to add some jewelry before I leave in the morning.

All my random little trinkets and brass animals look great in this old drawer
that I repurposed into a shelf. 
Zach and my favorite wedding present from my parents, a sea compass that
my father refinished for us. Such a beautiful gift to see everyday. 
My blue industrial cabinet that I refinished and posted about in this post.  
 I love how it looks great next to the orange chair my mom painted.  

Since we only have two really tiny closets upstairs, I decided that I'd make
this room into my own dressing room. Buying a pipe, four shelf brackets, 
screws, and a wood board was all I needed to construct this open closet.
All of which can be bought at Ace Hardware or Lowes. 

After looking at this photo, I realized I really like brown and black shoes.
My "office" on the other side of the room. 
As you can see the floors are pretty worn...but I actually love how they
look. It goes well with the feel of my room. When I need time away or to unwind,
this room brings so much solace and quiet "me" time.

Do you like it? Aside from the butler's pantry, this is my favorite room in the whole house.
I'll be sad once we renovate it into a master suite...but then I will get over once we build a walk in closet
and another bathroom! 

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Green Smoothie Class at Bartertown Diner

Every last Tuesday of the month, Bartertown Diner puts on free cooking classes. This last class was about making green smoothies! I've been enthralled with this craze and how yummy these smoothies taste. If you haven't tried a green smoothie before, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. 

Morgan from Bartertown did such an amazing job teaching us the basics of smoothie making. For those who aren't familiar with this type of smoothie, they basically are comprised of any type of green (kale, spinach, wheat grass, chard, etc.) blended with fruit and water. Of course you can add other items such as ice, herbs, nuts, sweetener, and milk. 

So why greens? 
We typically don't eat enough vegetables, and those that we do eat, aren't usually dark greens...which are super underrated. Jammed packed with essential vitamins, fiber, protein, iron, and chlorophyll, a green smoothie has it all! 

How do I make one? 
Grab your blender! Pour in almond milk, a little water, a bunch of kale, some frozen fruit, and sweetener (like agave) if needed. Making smoothies doesn't have to be science. I never measure, I just keep putting ingredients in until it taste good! 

Have you had a green smoothie before? If so, what is your favorite kind? 
I'm challenging myself this upcoming week to wake up earlier to make a smoothie every morning. 
Wish me luck! 

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Sportswear as Everyday Wear

Working in the running industry, you're bound to acquire a closet full of sports clothes.
Since I work in an office, I have to dress more on the business causal side, so those piles of sports wear items don't see the work week very often. This past weekend all I wanted to wear was comfy sports clothes, but not look like a college bum or Sporty Spice. I think mixing sports wear with your everyday wear is often my new goal is to incorporate both pieces together more often. 

Pairing any sporty tee or long sleeve under a jacket instantly makes the outfit look less athletic. Running shoes don't always have to be worn with sweat pants...dark jeans flatter them as well! Adding my Nike GPS Sportswatch was a no brainier...I'm in love with the chunky, sleek look of it and how it goes surprisingly well with a lot of pieces. I donned a bit of vintage with my handmade key necklace and called it good. 

Jacket: Forever21 from Rock, Paper, Scissors
Long Sleeve: Icebreaker
Necklace: Handmade
Jeans: !IT Jeans

Do you wear your sports clothes out and about...
or are they just reserved for bumming around the house and exercising? 

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Spinach, Mushroom, & Tofu Turnover

Most people who meet me will quickly learn that on the top five list of my favorite hobbies and passions, eating and cooking healthy is super important to me. In a world where healthy eating habits seem to have been flushed down the toilet, the farthest thought on a lot of people's minds this upcoming weekend is, "What healthy snacks can I make for the Super Bowl?" Granted I'm not a sports fan at all, but I do love getting together with I'm going to a Super Bowl party this weekend and I vowed to bring some treats!   

Spinach, Mushroom, & Tofu Turnovers

1 12oz pkg of tofu (Silken Extra Firm), mashed
2 cups of spinach, chopped
1/2 cup onion, chopped
5 small mushrooms, diced finely
1 tablespoon basil
1 tsp rosemary
1 tsp garam marsala
1 tsp garlic powder
dash of salt & pepper
juice from 1/2 small lime
1/2 cup onion, chopped
1 Tsp Earth Balance butter, melted
2 sheet of puff pastry/phyllo dough 
(homemade or butter-free store bought)

If purchasing store bought dough, leave it out till it is completely thawed. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Saute chopped onions and mushrooms. Mash tofu with a fork, adding to tender onions, along. Add all spices, lime juice, and spinach. Cook till spinach is wilted.  Once dough is thawed, cut the sheets into squares. Lightly brush each square of dough with butter, then add about a spoonful of filling. Fold over to create a triangle. Place on a cookie sheet and bake for 20 minutes.

Now, granted the puff pastry portion is definitely not super healthy, but it is a snack that I think most people would enjoy and is different then the average Super Bowl fare. I'm also considering making a "dirty rice" dish I read about in the Huffington Post, which sounds amazing. Are you watching the game this year? 
If so, what are you snacking on? 

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