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As an organizer, my focus is typically held in the present and more importantly, the future.  But as a lover of all things fashion, the past can't be ignored.  Vintage items harbor this appeal for me; saying "I'm unique, old, buy me and love me!"  Nostalgia does not escape me. I'm the girl who has kept every important note given to her since grade school; scrapbooking emails or cards that are important and cherished. Traveling back to these moments; remembering awkward, terrible, happy, or blessed times in my life.  Vintage pieces keep the past alive, in physical form, and that makes me smile.  I want to display a few of my favorite vintage accessories. My hope is to start collecting and incorporating them more into my wardrobe.  Showing appreciation for the old things in this world is crucial, let others see that it's not always about purchasing what is the "latest" or what the fashion world deems vogue.

This Seiko watch I picked up from Heirloom Estate Sales for about $25.00. I love how it fits on my wrist and how light it is. Granted it has a few scratches on it, but I dig the worn look.

This flower pin and the funky pink and white earrings were found at One Girls Treasure for under $10.00. OGT has a combination of modern and vintage apparel and accessories.  You can also bring in your used pieces as well for money!  I don't think I've ever left this store without a sweet, reasonable purchase. 

 The lovely portrait earrings were my Grandma's.  Every time I wear these I think about her; which is bittersweet. She was the epitome of the woman everyone loves, and I pray I become like her more each day.

  These last earrings were also purchased from Heirloom Estate Sales, in hopes of putting studs on the back and using them on my wedding day.  They hang really low on my ear with the old fasteners on them, so I broke those off and reapplied stud backings with some heavy duty craft glue.  Still to be determined if I will wear these on my wedding day, but if not, they still rock. 

Challenge yourself to search out vintage pieces.  Pick items that stir your soul, make you wonder when it was made, and tickle your fashion sense.  Shoot me an email if you know of hip stores or places online where I can score vintage buys and tame my vintage addiction. :)

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