The Closest Thing I Have to a Child - Plants!

Upon leaving work and witnessing the snow covering everything in sight, I thought today's post about house plants would bring a chipper aura to the cold day. Or at least make me feel better about the weather.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the snow...but not for very long. I already yearn for the first days of thaw. Those days in college were signified by throngs of students playing frisbee out in the Pine Grove, jamming on guitars, and wearing shorts even though it was still way to cold to do so.  Spring hurry up! 

So to make you feel like Spring is getting closer, let's talk plants.
 There are tons of reasons why every house, and every room should have plants in them: 

- Plants are pretty! They will pique the interest of others and improve your decor, naturally! 

-Humidity takes a nose dive when you introduce plants to your house.

-Some claim that they are stress relievers.

-Whether we admit it or not, we like taking care of things and having something that "needs" us. When we see our plants grow, we are proud and excited! (You should see Zach baby his plants!) 
-Your air will be cleaner because of these little guys.

It wasn't until I bought myself a bonsai that I gained an interest in plants. All through college and up to now I've had the same bonsai.  Over the years I've attempted to use plant wire and pruning techniques to shape it in a unique fashion. It came in a pretty big pot and I'm slowly attempting to cut back the roots to get it into a regular bonsai pot, which is very shallow.  One of these days I'll work on giving him a name as well. Zach usually names all his plants. :) 

In such a small space, like my apartment, you'd think that a normal amount of plants would be two or three.
 But no, there are eight plants craving my love in about 750 square feet of space! 

I know once we buy a house, it will be filled with all different kinds of plants. I love looking at Viva Terra for home garden ideas and awesome plant vases.  I first saw these crazy cool plants that Zach's sister-in-law had and loved that Viva Terra had them! 

Air Plants

I also have a slight obsession with succulents. These are so adorable, yet tough and hardy.

A "dream" plant inside my home (if there is such a silly thing) would be to have a big tree in the living room or entry way! 

Okay, maybe not that big, but it definitely looks epic. 

Do you enjoy littering your home with plants as much as I do? Does anyone have a really quirky plant?  Suggestions are welcome, I'd love to add to my collection...

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One Response to The Closest Thing I Have to a Child - Plants!

  1. Cute blog! Found you on TKL.
    I looove my orchids. I have a rather booming collection. hehe not really but I think I have about 9 now and I'm in a condo so I suffer the same space issues. My favorite thing is watching them bloom and I'm on the 3rd or 4th cycle for most of them now.
    Air plants in general ROCK! ;)


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