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Choosing Chairs

Lately I've been adoring funky, eclectic chairs.
Ogling and drooling over items that I have no room for and no intention of buying. Since contemplating a future house, thoughts of potential furniture have worked there way into the scene as well.
What can I say, I have chair lust at the moment. 
And these are the items I've been admiring...

Apartment Therapy

This chair would look darling around a dining table. I love the idea of utilizing different styles of chairs in one color scheme, or just having one chair that is unique (with a pop of color).  


Apartment Therapy

This wingback chair is so sophisticated, especially in this soft grey tone. 

Design Sponge

Studio Home

Design Sponge

Apartment Therapy
I tend to gravitate towards chairs that are upholstered in delightful patterns and are structurally more "curvy."  For me, this gives the furniture a more elegant, feminine touch. 

qued* Design
The ultimate modern rocking chair. 

Victorian Trading Co.

Zachary's preferred reading chair. Can see the difference in our styles? :)

Picking out pieces that speak to me has really helped define my style and what furniture I prefer. 
Do you have a favorite chair that you own or that you are eyeballing? 
Any suggestions on great places to shop for furniture? 

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Part II: Celebrating Three Years with My Lovebug

Not only is Zach the perfect man for me, but he understands my dramatic moments, my need for independence, and my blogging. This post about my favorite day was written by Zach.
Thanks lovebug. Happy Three Year Anniversary!

The Proposal....
When starting a new job it is expected that long hours initially ensue, and that is the excuse that Zach gave Kate for working late the week prior to the engagement. The reality was that he was preparing for his proposal that weekend.

Opening the bedroom door Kate stopped. Her senses quickly awakening from her nights sleep, first noticing the trail of rose petals that Zach had laid out earlier that morning. Her toes gripping the petals as she stepped forward; the sweet scent of cinnamon cider candles filled her nose. Moving to the table Zach had laid out what he had prepared for her that day. A love note with instructions of what to do and where to go explained in the form of a simple riddle, that one of her favorite coffee shops was where she needed to go first that morning.  Zach was the first customer that the coffee shop saw on Saturday. Zach gave them Kate's second note, a picture of her, and explained what he was doing. Fearing that Kate would catch up with him, he quickly left to go to the next location only to discover that everything he had prepared was ruined.

Kate quickly left the coffee shop after solving the next riddle and began to drive to “The Calder,” an enormous red sculpture that is an unofficial symbol for Grand Rapids. Parking her car, Kate hesitantly walked up to the art sculpture that was apparently the location for a private Porsche convention that day. Kate knew that Zach must have spoken with the people running the event that day because they allowed her in to find her next note.

Zach arrived at the next two locations incorporating one of the spots that Kate had taken Zach for his birthday. Zach again began to worry as one of the places that he was going to have Kate go to for lunch did not open until 11:00 a.m.. Fearing that Kate would arrive early and see him, he saw that someone was inside the restaurant. Banging on the door the kid who was working let him in and allowed him to drop off a note and order a lunch for Kate. The last site for the day would be where Zach would ask Kate to marry him.
Kate pulled into Meijer Gardens wondering how many more places she would have to go to and when she would be able to finally see Zach, subconsciously hoping that today would be the day that Zach would FINALLY propose. Kate found the location that her last clue led her too, and began looking for another note. After a while of unsuccessfully being able to find a note she remembered seeing that someone had written in chalk by a statue. The writing led her from one statue to another until reaching a spot where it said to
 "sit here, face woods."

After literally running through Meijer Gardens, Zach finally had everything he had planned laid out and was now waiting for Kate's arrival. Choosing a strategic location where he could see through the woods and still get out of the opening in case Kate came walking his way, he waited, for a good 90 minutes. Finally, he saw Kate and began making his way over to get her. Zach walked up, gave Kate a hug and kiss and took her hand and began walking her to a different location, where he would propose. Walking into a outdoor secluded area that left the impression of walking through a Roman garden, Zach took Kate's hands and looked into her eyes.

“Nothing makes me happier than to surprise you and to make you smile, and I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy.” (Getting down on one knee) “Kate Elaine Freshour, will you marry me?”

 All lovely pictures taken by Bryan and Mae!

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Part I: Celebrating Three Years with My Lovebug

This post is dedicated to my darling fiancé, Zach.  These past three years have been a mix of delightful and hard times. We've grown, learned so many new things, and have become better people because of each other. Zach, you take care of me, tolerate me, and challenge me. But most of all, you love me.
And I love you. <3

To better tell our story, I've included some our
 beautiful engagement shots done by the amazing Bryan and Mae.
They helped capture our love and dedication for each other perfectly in these pictures.
Check there website & blog out!

The Beginning.
Hearts flutter, palms become sweaty, that other person consumes your waking thoughts…love is found.  Our story didn’t really start this way. But as the proverb goes, all good things come to those who wait.


Looking forward to starting new lives at college, Zach and Kate both began their freshmen year at Hope College in 2005.  Being avid runners through high school, joining the cross country team was a no brainer for the two athletes. The fact that they both enjoyed running was probably the only thing they had in common; for the first 2 ½ years of college Zach and Kate both did a good job of ignoring each other.

During that time, significant others came and passed, their group of friends became closer, and the two slowly grew up a little. Zach enjoys teasing Kate, saying that it wasn't until their Junior year, when Kate turned 21, that they finally noticed each other. Fact of the matter is, that's mostly true.

Being one of the oldest in her class, Kate didn't have very many close friends who were old enough to hit the town. Zach being 21, somehow got haggled into escorting Kate out - most likely by Rob Bailey. That night, while sharing a pitcher of cheap beer at the "Dirty Bird," the two were forced to talk to each other.  The conversation flowed and seemed very real.  Going home that night, Kate recalled thinking how that "long haired hippie" was actually pretty cool; whereas Zach pondered why he hadn't tried hitting on her sooner.

It didn't take long for Zach to work his charm and to swoon Kate. February 24th, 2008 became the official date for these lover's journey. Through college graduation, moving into the workforce, and a painful year apart, Zach and Kate continued to be committed to their relationship. It wasn't until June 2010 that Zach finally got word that he would be transferred back to the lovely city of Grand Rapids.  This is what the couple had been praying, dreaming, and hoping for since they had parted ways the year before. Not long after settling in, Zach decided that he never wanted to leave Kate again...

More to come...

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Opposites Attract

Today I'm sharing my second (and last) guest posting that I wrote for Kayley's 
Sidewalk Ready Fashion.
Remember to go check out Kayley's blog, she rocks!

What a complicated topic.
What about relationships with your clothes?
Yes, you know. That love/hate thing you got going on with your wardrobe.

“I don’t have anything to wear!  Urgg I need to go shopping.”


“I love this sweater, I’ve had it since high school.”

See what I mean...we fight with our clothes, make huge piles of clothes trying to decipher what looks best with what, we cherish certain items that make us smile, cry when we ruin a favorite jean or top in the wash, we have relationships with our clothes. Weird, I know.  Same as interpersonal relationships, opposites sometimes do attract in our “clothes relationships” as well.

I love feeling inspired by picking odd styles and pairing them together. Meshing vintage with a punk vibe, or classic pieces with eclectic ones.  But my favorite way of making opposites attract with my outfits is with contrasting colors.  

Grab your color wheel folks.

Now, complementary colors are a great way to get this contrasting vibe, picking colors that are on direct opposite sides of the color wheel.   For this outfit today, I went for split complementary colors...getting technical on ya!

Split complementary are formed when complementary colors (like purple and yellow) are found, then choosing an additional color on either side of that complement, like green-yellow or yellow orange.

My relationship with this sweater is borderline obsessive...
I call it my Frodo coat and I wear it all the time.

Sweater: Urban Outfitters / Top: Target / Jeans: IT! (from Plato’s) / Scarf: jb&me
Socks: Smartwool / Shoes: Sorel (Gazelle Sports) Earrings: thrifted / Bracelets: gift

This outfit contains these split colors:
purple, yellow, green, and orange, with the yellow/orange being on the subtle side.

What are your favorite colors to contrast with?  Do you stick with the basic complementary colors are bring in their split companions?  Try mixing colors that you normally wouldn’t do.  You’d be surprised how fancy you might just look.

Pictures taken by Grace...with Kenz!
Aren't they adorable!
 Thanks again for making me smile (Kenz) and taking lovely pictures (Grace)!

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If I Were An Icicle

This past week I was a guest blogger for Kayley from Sidewalk Ready Fashion.
I wanted to share my postings with all my readers and encourage you all to check out Kayley's blog!

I love West Michigan.  Coming from a little farm town in the middle of Illinois, Michigan is a huge change and I adore it.  We have beautiful beaches and lakes, lots of trees (not many of those in Illinois), abundant local foods (apples, cherries, and blueberries - oh my!) quaint touristy towns, friendly folk, an artsy vibe, delectable vineyards and breweries, and our state is in the form of a mitten. I mean come on, why isn't everyone living in Michigan? :)

Michigan definitely has it going on, except for one thing.

The winter.

It isn't horrible, but the harsh winters are something I don't think I'll ever get used to.  I constantly have to remind myself that winter can be enjoyable, if you let it be.  Pure white snow, stunning.  Skiing and ice skating, exhilarating.  Snowflakes, divine.  I especially enjoy peering at the icicles that have steadily grown over the past week on my apartment building.  They are sleek, uniquely shaped, and sometimes give off this intense bluish white color about them.

So, if I were an icicle in Michigan, I’m pretty sure this is what I would look like....

Sweater: JB&Me / Top: Tikal / Tights: Jade / Shoes: Aldo / Purse: Joe's Jeans
Ring: Muse Boutique / Necklace: Karla's Place (I added a few pendants of my own to this necklace)

I love the contrast of these three colors: red, white, and blue... apparently I'm patriotic as well. :)  When mixing your outfits, don't forget to add that pop of color.  Whether it is a coral purse or a bright scarf, any "pop" added to a neutral outfit will definitely create an instant wow factor.  How else are we going to keep looking fabulous in -8 degree weather?

Pictures taken by the beautiful Kristine Rose

Don't get mad Mom! ;)

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Avocado Apple Panini

Avocado meet Apple. 
Why how yummy you both are together. 
Creamy buttery taste combined with a crunchy sweet savor. 
What a perfect marriage.

Since avocado's have been on sale lately, my consumption of them have increased greatly. 
When I'm home for lunch or in need of a quick dinner, this panini is so simple to make. 

If you have a panini maker, warm it up while assembling your panini.

Cut an avocado and de-pit  - I only use one half for a sandwich. 
Slice up an apple thinly. If it's a smaller apple than use the whole thing! 
Squeeze out the avocado flesh (I've found this to be the easiest and cleanest way).
Spread the avocado over one side of the panini, or any kind of bread you desire. 
Add the apples and any other extras you want. 

Extras to Try: 
Cheddar Cheese
(for you meat lovers - Turkey or Bacon)

Fold and press down panini maker for just a few minutes or until the inside is warm. 
Then enjoy! 

What type of panini's are your favorite? Any avocado lovers out there? 
Send recipes my way if you have a staple panini you enjoy making! 

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There's Too Many Scarves!

Who doesn't love scarves?
If you don't, shame on you! :)
 Okay, if you're a man, I understand. 

Scarves are such a lovely accessory, one that I have grown to treasure. 
Not only do they keep you warm in the dreadful winters, 
but they instantly turn a bland outfit into a masterpiece. 
The best part, they are usually a inexpensive purchase!

Yay for scarves! But wait...what do you do with all the scarves you've now collected? 

I've seen and heard several functional ways to store, collect, or hang scarves.  
Here are some of them. 

Good ol' Martha

Classy Closets

TECHknitting Blog 

I use to hang all my scarves in my old apartment like the picture above.  It was nice because I had a lovely walk in closet with enough room for me to utilize a spare rod for my growing scarf collection! 
In my current apartment, that is definitely not the case. 

Since I like to have my accessories at hand, not stuck away in a drawer for me to rifle through, I threw all my beloved scarves into my grandmother's knitting basket. 

Functional and Adorable! 

The basket below stores books by my night stand in my bedroom. 
Love the retro vibe and funky colors of this one. 

Do you like this idea or think these baskets would be better served storing something else? 
Where do you store your scarves?  If you like the knitting basket idea, check out these I found on Etsy!

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The Details

With only about four months left until the big day, wedding planning has constantly been on my mind.  It seems that the details are all that are left, but there are so many of them! I try to remember that it is only one day out of my future marriage and that I won't remember half of these details I'm nit-picking about. 

Some thoughts that go through my head..."Breathe Kate. Breathe."  
Or my personal favorite "It's not going to be perfect." 
(I'm a perfectionist in denial)

Since we have the caterer finally picked...yay! thanks to Marie Catribs, DJ penciled in, florist and flowers already planned out, and my hair and makeup issue solved, I'm caught up. With that being said, I thought I'd share my inspiration for the "details" of what I'll be wearing on my special day.

With a lake front wedding in Michigan, I do not want to chance it and wear my hair down.
It could be insanely windy, raining, or piping's Michigan, anythings possible, so the last thing I want to worry about is my hair in the way or it getting soaked in sweat! 

I think Jessica Alba is one of the prettiest celebrities and I adore this updo she wore for the Oscars a few years back.  Her dress is gorgeous as well!  This look screams simple, yet elegant. 

Jessica Alba at the Oscars

 My hope is to have something similar done for my wedding, lots of detail in the back, with the front of my hair swept up high and off my face.  I want it reminiscent of old...this hairstyle has a 1940's vibe and I am currently digging that era. 

The Dress    

Now, you will have to wait to see the whole dress once the wedding is over, but I thought I'd give you lovely readers a sneak peak of the fabric.  Use your imagination. :) 

The Veil
For some reason I'm drawn to this birdcage style. I have never been a fan of longer veils in general, but adore these mini versions.  Even considered adding some color to mine....

Katherine Heigl

Still not sure about all my accessories. I'm thinking a peep toe shoe, but not sure if I want to do a fun color or go traditional (white or nude color).  Any suggestions or pictures would be much appreciated! 

That is all the details that I'm sure of for now...maybe more to come.  
Besides, I still have four more long months to get everything done and share with you. 

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