My Slight Addiction

Besides being addicted to coffee, blogs, sweet potato fries, and shopping; organizing is right up there.  Yes, many call me bizarre for I love to clean and have been known to organize many people's houses for the fun of it, but this hobby of mine is one way I stay sane. Every person has a level where they can stand chaos and clutter, mine is just not very high. :)

I'd like to share with my readers advice on how to become and stay organized in many aspects of your life and will continue to make postings on the latest and greatest in organizational tools, websites, and books.

My first clue to my parents and myself that I was exceptionally organized was in grade school. I had scolded my mother for putting away a blue shirt in the green section of my closet. To this day I still keep my clothing color coordinated to make it fast and easy to find exactly what items I'm looking for. This also allows for a easy color palette selection!

Organizational Tip of the Week: 
Organize your closet in a way that makes your morning routine go a little quicker!

Whether you color coordinate your clothes, store your unused shoes in boxes, or buy hooks for your accessories (ties, belts, purses, scarves) you will notice how easier it will be for you to find certain items and how efficient this will make you! Discard older items that you haven't worn for a while. Trust me, they won't be missed!

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