Christmas Time

This weekend I had some last minute Christmas gifts to shop for and with a light cascade of snow coming down in Grand Rapids, I wanted to be comfy as well. Comfy nowadays for me usually equals leggings and a hoody, but today I didn't want to look like a bum. With Christmas fast approaching, I felt it appropriate to dress in the holiday colors. I know most people, including me, aren't a huge fan of green and red together, but when paired with different shades of green and red, I don't think it looks too bad. Now please excuse the poor quality of these pictures. Until I get a better camera, these will have to do.



I love this hoody and how easy it is to throw it on top of any outfit. My finance calls it my "Frodo" hoody, but I don't see the resemblance. :) Besides, I don't think Urban Outfitters specializes in hobbit clothing.  The nice thing about leggings this time of year is they can be used for dressy or causal occasions and still look awesome. These Groundhog "Molly" Boots was one of the best investments last Christmas and are one of the most comfortable boots I own.  Most of the clothing I wear is pretty simple...I'm not big on huge prints or flashy styles. Plain tees and sweaters are one of my favorite staples and can easily be a base for any fashionably great outfit. To give this outfit a pop, I added my gold belt that I snagged at Plato's for $8.00 and my lovely hand warmers that Momma got for me from The Garlic Press Store.

Now off to wrap my Christmas presents! 

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One Response to Christmas Time

  1. You know I just love that Frodo coat! One of your best clothing purchases.


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