DIY Canvas Tote

Winter usually provokes a great desire in me to be "crafty" and make attempt, after attempt, to sew eloquently.  My homebody side takes over during these chilly months; reading, crafts, or cooking are the things I'd rather be occupying my time with.  About a month ago I came across this darling tote on Design Sponge and had to try it. Problem...I didn't have a sewing machine.  I waited until I traveled back to Illinois for Thanksgiving and then swiped my mom's for a bit.  You can guess what I have already added to my wedding registry. :)

Renskes Minimalist Tote Bag

Click on the above link for step by step instructions on making this Minamalist Tote Bag. 

If you take on this project some words of might be hard finding big enough eyelets for this bag and a strap that fit through the eyelets! I had to compromise on my tote handle and went with a thin strap that could squeeze through a smaller eyelet and that could easily have rivets or fasteners hammered through. Originally I had picked up a super cute leather belt from Salvation Army to use for the was way to wide and thick to use with the biggest eyelets I could find.  Here is how my tote turned out. Thanks Mom for taking these awesome pictures with your amazing camera!

I highly recommend checking out all of the other DIY projects on Design Sponge, their site rocks.
Hopefully this posting will spark your crafty side for the winter months ahead!

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