Mingle 'n Mix: Fashion, Décor, and Clutter Control

As much as I adore organization, I've noticed that a majority of storage and organizational products are rather bland and quiet frankly, ugly!  Function and aesthetics that blend and compliment each other are essential. Usually the need to display items or storage them comes into play when we accumulate more than one amount of a certain item.  Shoes, jewelery, books, clothes, spices, cleaning products, belts, and the list goes on.  When the trend for bold and long necklaces began, my collection expanded as well. Not having a big enough jewelry box, I used a 3M hook in my closet.  This setup grew old reallllly fast; thus began my search for a delightful and pretty way to store my long necklaces.  Going through some old Pottery Barn magazines, I found my inspiration! 

Jewelry Display Frames

I loved how this took care of my storage issue and also gave me a great piece of art! Finding a frame was easy enough and since I wasn't wild about the hooks on these frames, I just used clear push pins! I first hung this up in my apartment when I lived in Holland and got a tremendous amount of compliments when friends visited.  Since the bold jewelry trend is still alive and well this year, I've kept it up in my new apartment.  

Here is another divine option for hanging your jewelry. This one is from Real Simple

How do you store or display your collection of jewelry? Do you have an innovative way or does a 3M hook suffice? I'd love to hear any ideas! 

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