Escort Card Tree

It seems like this holiday season I've been a bit distracted from my wedding preparations, mostly with work and the errands that Christmas brings with it.  For a person who wants to have every detail planned out in advance, this wedding has been a teaching tool that I can't do everything at once. That I need to enjoy this preparation time and journey. While searching one of my favorite sites for random craft ideas, Apartment Therapy, I came across this branch centerpiece that I immediately adorned.  Zach teased me when I showed this to him and expressed in a child-like voice, "Well I kinda like the birds!" 

I scrambled for the perfect branch behind my apartment and decided to spray paint it silver instead. After doing so, I put it on the bistro table and decided, "Hmm this looks dumb."  I usually get frustrated when an idea I envision doesn't work out, but I loved how the branch looked so I just stuck it in one of my MANY mason jars that I'm collecting for the wedding. That's when I realized that this would be a perfect escort card "tree" for my wedding. 

Now the idea of a escort card tree is not by any means original, brides have been doing this for a while, but I think that with my sea glass take on the tree, I can make it my own. Here are a few trees I found online.

Right now I still only have that one branch in the mason jar, but I envision tons of branches coming out of this jar (or perhaps one of my larger mason jars) with the escort cards attached.  Here is a what I have so far. Of course I'd put real daisies in this jar, maybe have a few dangling from the higher branches.  I'd like to keep the end result a surprise, so you'll have to wait for the wedding pictures! What do you think? 

I love working on these wedding reception details...I believe these little crafts are what make a wedding more special and meaningful to the bride and all the guests. Plus, all of these ideas in my head are usually budget friendly! Mom, hope I'm not "chintzing" up the wedding too much!  

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