Fashion Styles

Out of all of creative releases I pursue, fashion is by far my favorite. Allowing me to express myself, personality, and love for style everyday is exhilarating. For me, deciding what to wear is a challenge that I aim to win every morning. Putting together a unique blend of colors and textures is like decorating; it takes time and requires an eye for style. I love how fashion is constantly changing, requiring one to be innovative in your attire.

Over the years my fashion sense has evolved, greatly changing from the high school years of just wearing what was "cool" to wearing what I perceive to be rousing, despite what others proclaim. Being in the workforce, I'm silently restrained to a dress code, but there are always ways around that. :) 

I love taking pieces from the variety of style categories.  I'd say I tend to stick within these three main categories:

  • Classic - a modern, timeless style
  • Eclectic - a style comprised of broad and various trends
  • Indie - an independent, original style with thrift or vintage hints 

My style varies with each setting. For work I tend to shift more towards a classic look, whereas on the weekend or when I'm just bumming around, I like to wear Indie inspired clothing. 

What fashion style do you tend to lend upon? Has it changed over the years or stayed the same?

In future posts I hope to provide "look books" of my current fashion style and how I go about each day creating a unique look.

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