Lentil Burger and Sweet Potato Fries

I didn't always adore cooking. Most children and teens take this art form for granted; a task their mother or father takes care of. This was the case for me until I left home for college and realized how spoiled I was at home. My mother is a wonderful and natural cook, but it wasn't until later on in life that she pursued her dream. She has worked at The Garlic Press, which is an awesome little cafe in downtown Normal, IL and now works as a sorority chef at the local university. I can honestly say that I probably wouldn't have that strong of an interest in cooking or baking if it wasn't for her.
Thanks Momma!

This past year I trained and ran my first marathon, yet another hobby that I couldn't live without.  It was during this serious training regime that I became even more engrossed into cooking; and doing it in a ultra healthy matter. As of now, I'd consider myself to be almost a full fledged vegetarian. So sorry meat lovers, but most of the recipes I will post will be vegetarian or vegan centered...feel free to substitute!

My fiancée had requested that I try a lentil burger for him, so after searching quite a few recipes, a lentil burger from Everyday Vegetarian was the one I decided to make.  I also had to make my favorite Sweet Potato Fries!

I used brown rice in these patties and brown lentils as well. I did not have any sunflower oil, so olive oil was substituted here. Instead of using flour, I used Panko Bread Crumbs and mixed about a cup or so into the mix before making the patties. Topped the burger with spinach, tomatoes, and onions and put it on sprouted grain bread. These burgers are extremely tender, so be careful when frying them.

Sweet potato fries are such a healthy alternative when you get that craving for real french fries.  I know sweet potato fries usually aren't as crispy, but think of how many more you can eat! Not to mention the health benefits that come with them. :)

Happy Eating!

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