Taming an overrun yard...
that was our challenge last weekend and so far, the backyard looks 10x better. 

Here is a little glimpse at all our hard work. 

Backyard, Pre-close

During cleanup


We basically cleared almost 99% of everything out. With poison ivy and other nameless weeds growing, we wanted to start fresh and get ready to design our backyard with a clean slate. Although, I did find a huge patch of fresh mint! It smelled amazing when we were working and made me crave a mojito. 

So... I know you want to see the sexy beast who did most of the grueling work. :)

We had these huge ugly shrubs and trees in our front yard that Zach took a chainsaw and ax to. 
I was busy tearing down wallpaper, but came out to get a glimpse of my man at work. 

These vines are all over the fences by our house. They look pretty cool, but are about the hardest things to remove! I like how they appear to have little "feet" wherever they grow. 

The hands of one of our hardworking helpers...Momma.

Lots of work was accomplished last week, but there is still so much to do...tad overwhelming at times.
I'm hoping to finish painting and lining the cabinets of my pantry today and get started on spackling the downstairs walls. There are so many holes & divots in the walls!
Stay tune for more before and after pictures.

-Kate Lainey

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10 Responses to Overrun

  1. Amazing Job. Looks great.

  2. Wow, you guys did more work in one weekend than we have done in months! Haha, that is our plan next weekend and the one after, lots and lots of yard work before vacation and school.

    How awesome about the mint! They are great frozen in ice cubes and added to drinks, most of mine died though :(

    I can't wait to see what you do with your yard, it is a great feeling to come outside and just relaxing on your own little patch of land. I know you will do something creative :)

  3. That's a ton of work you've knocked out already. I'm impressed (and it seems like your view was not too shabby, either, haha). Do you have plans for the yard yet, or are you still in demo mode?

  4. beautiful pics Kate! Can't wait to see what you guys plant and come up with. Do I see a garden in the future?? ;) Can you guys grow lilacs in Michigan? By dad has a few lilac trees at his house up north in MN. Although they only bloom for such a short time, but they are oh so lovely!

  5. Phew even the pictures are making me tired, what a lot of work! It looks great though!

  6. Kristine FreshourJuly 31, 2011 at 5:47 PM

    Hard work but fun being a part of the makeover team. Can't wait to tackle more of the interior.

  7. Ty Pennington would be proud.

    p.s. Ask your Mom for her infamous Chickens-and-Hens. They would probably look good around fence.

  8. Wow! Looks good!

  9. Thanks Jenifer! I'm hoping with some more love down the road it will look even better!


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