4th of July - A First Date - by Midwest Mayhem

Hi everyone! This is Cat from Midwest Mayhem. I'm here guest blogging for Kate today so she can take some time off to enjoy being a newlywed. (Congrats Kate!!!) I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Kate this past February at a Michigan Blogger Meet-up in Grand Rapids. She instantly struck me as a girl who loves life and lives it to the fullest. I've been inspired by her great style and have drooled over her delicious recipes. I can't believe how many incredible people I've met here in Michigan through blogging. This state is full of so many creative and amazing girls!

I'm a huge lover of vintage clothing, especially anything from the 60s, so I decided to wear this cute handmade 60s summer dress for this post! I absolutely adore the oversized collar and the light cotton makes it perfect for the early July heat. I wore it to a fireworks show with my husband, Jon.

For the past five years Jon and I have been celebrating the 4th of July together. I first met Jon in mid June of 2006 when I started working at a movie theatre in Chicago. We quickly discovered that we both grew up in the same town in Michigan and counted at least a dozen situations where we had already crossed paths (including going to middle school together).

We were both working the evening shift on the 4th of July of that year. As a ploy to ask me out he set up an after work 4th of July party with some co-workers. The party ended up just being us and another couple from work. We went over to our coworker's apartment, got tipsy on Cherry Vanilla Doctor Pepper and Vanilla Vodka (yummmm!) and played super nintendo. After we left the "party" we went to Jon's apartment and made some frozen pizzas. We took the pizzas down the the lake and talked for hours. We talked about growing up in Grosse Pointe, school, Jon's screenplay, and life in Chicago. Early in the morning hours he walked me to the red line so I could head back to my apartment.

The problem? As we said goodbye he not only didn't kiss me, he didn't even hug me!!! I went home so confused! I thought we had a great time, but maybe he just wanted to be friends? Maybe it wasn't a date? Maybe I just read the situation all wrong? Haha, I had no idea what to think!

Luckily he asked me out again a few days later where we did enjoy not only a good cuddle but also a first kiss! Once we had been dating for awhile I asked him why he didn't hug me that night and he said he didn't want to seem too eager and scare me off. Haha and I was worried he might not like me!

The fireworks were so pretty this year. Our hometown always has the best fireworks. They set them off over a gulf course and everyone sits on the field across from the gulf course so they look like they are going to fall right on top of you.

This September we'll be celebrating our third year of marriage. Being a newlywed was an amazing experience and I truly wish Kate and her husband the best of luck!


The Breakdown:


Summer Dress: Handmade, Vintage
Blue Slip: Thrifted
Polka Dot Nylons: Target
Platform Sandals: Steve Madden, Thrifted

Earrings: Target
Necklace: Handmade by my husband
Headpiece: Vintage
Belt: Ebay

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  1. Awww Cat you look amazing and I loved reading this story about how you and Jon had a sweet date! Hahaha, guys can be shy too sometimes :)


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