It seems like it has been forever since I've done an outfit post!   
Probably for the best considering that my weekend & evening outfits have consisted of dirty work clothes and sweaty running garb.  Even though it's only been a week, I've learned that I can't keep constantly working on the house, for the burnout will quickly approach.  So you all get to see an outfit and I get a much needed break so I can gear up for this weekend. 

Summer isn't my favorite season, but I have been enjoying the chance to be outside and soak up the sun rays that have been on and off here in Grand Rapids.  Only downside is the humidity that has reeked havoc on my hair and makes me feel greasy when stepping outside for 2 minutes. Oh well, better than over 100 degree weather!

Top: Megan Nielsen, Shorts: Target, Belt: Thrifted, Shoes: Forever21 

I usually don't wear this short of shorts at work, so they make an appearance on the weekends or weeknights.  I love how perfectly they fit and the rich green color.  I purchased this Midday sample top from Megan Nielsen's beautiful Spring 2011 collection. I adore the peter pan collar and how light it feels on. Keeping it causal, I threw on my new favorite sneakers that I found in San Francisco.  

So, in other news... I'm anxiously awaiting my new camera that I recently bought. I was getting pretty frustrated with the quality of photos that my current camera takes and how slow the functions are. 
So stay tune for better photos! :) 

Alright back to packing, we have so much stuff in this little apartment! 

-Kate Lainey

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7 Responses to Humidity

  1. Love this outfit Lainey and those shoes! You're so pretty! Also, let me tell you about 100 degree weather :)

  2. Kristine FreshourJuly 29, 2011 at 11:06 AM

    You look so cute Lainey - love that top.

  3. I love peter pan collars! They are my absolute favorite. And your shirt is perfect for the warmer summer weather, especially paired with shorts. Lovely outfit! xx

  4. You look gorgeous!!! I love this look on you, and I'm so glad you're enjoying your top!!! Hugs! Megan XOXO

  5. great hot weather the collar on that fabulous top. Being a wife is looking great on you!

  6. Oh my goodness gracious, I am in LOVE with your top. With the Peter Pan collar and everything, ah I think I just died of envy. It's no surprise because I am absolutely in love with Megan Nielson. Her designs are all so lovely. I love how you paired the top with the belt as well. As always you look absolutely gorgeous!

  7. great top! I love Megan Nielsen's clothes!!! So glad that she posted this on her design diary!


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