Honeymoon: San Francisco

Getting back into a routine after a week of vacation is taking a whole lot longer than I anticipated.  Worn out from traveling, catching up at work, intimidated by a very messy and crowded apartment, with tons of pictures and videos to go through...and all I want to do is just cuddle on the couch with Zach.  

Since we took well over 200 pictures and 150 short videos during the honeymoon, it's been hard deciding what ones to share with you all!  So I apologize in advance for all the very heavy photo posts that will come.  Our first couple of days in California were spent in San Francisco. Both Zach and I have never been here, so we were very eager to explore the city.  

Steel-Cut Oats with Moutain Fruit Jam

Siphon Coffee

Alamo Square

Japenese Tea Garden in The Golden Gate Park 

Our lunch! Miso Soup and Rice Cakes

The Golden Gate Bridge. That fog came in every day.

Lombard Street

Wearing my new owl tank from Buffalo Exchange

There were daisies everywhere! 

My handsome hubby. :) 

a yummy veggie sandwich

The Exploratorium in the Presidio of San Francisco

A little video Zach took on the Golden Gate Bridge! 

We highly recommend exploring any big city like San Francisco on a bike. We saw so many sights and it was so much cheaper and more convenient than a cab, bus, or trolley.  Biking across the Golden Gate Bridge and visiting a small little town called Salsalito, was probably the highlight of our time in San Francisco. 
Stay tune for more pictures from Monterey and Big Sur. 

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Ours will be spent catching up on sleep, researching house renovation plans, and enjoying the sunshine! Any big plans for ya'll? 


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11 Responses to Honeymoon: San Francisco

  1. San Francisco is wonderful! I live about 30 minutes south of it, and go whenever I get the chance. It seems like an amazing place to kick start a honeymoon! Hope you explored around the Haight for awesome clothing stores

  2. Oh you are making me want to travel so bad!! I love both of your outfits, and all that food looks so yummy! You eat so healthy, I need to start eating more like you, because you look good and it looks delicious!

    I actually really like that fog over the bridge, it looks really awesome! You guys look like you had a blast :) I can't wait for more pics!

  3. love the pictures. My bff from high school lives in San francisco and I keep telling her I'll come out and visit! So beautiful!

  4. Congrats on the wedding!!! Looks like you had such an amazing time...wonderful photos...love your new outfit, especially the owl tank. This weekend, I hope to relax and get a pedicure...it's my birthday!

  5. you two are so lovely! glad to see that your trip was fabulous. can't wait to hear more about it!

  6. Love the outfits - the owl shirt is so cute, and the food looks so yummy! Looks like an amazing adventurous honeymoon! Exploring the city by bike must have been a lot of fun!

  7. We did! I loved all the amazing shops!

  8. You totally should Lindsay!

  9. The two of you are just radiating harmony, you can just tell that your marriage is gonna be so happy. :)

    Great pictures, I especially love the Golden Gate Bridge - if I ever get to the US, I'll definitely visit it!

    The owl blouse is soooo darling! Looks wonderful with the black maxi!

  10. Congratulations and great photos! I wouldn't mind seeing more (I'm sure others feel the same). You found some awesome places and it looks like you had a great week to yourselves. (:

  11. True story: I have never been to San Francisco, so you are making me VERY jealous. Is it weird that I love love how foggy it is? (My favorite weather :) ah and I so love your cute owl tank and the wild daisies everywhere. You and your hubby are so freaking cute!


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