Honeymoon: Big Sur

The last part of our honeymoon trip was spent hiking in Big Sur, which is just south of Monterey. 
The sun shone so bright the whole time we were there; it finally warmed up enough to sport shorts! 
We ventured into Los Padres National Forest for some mountain climbing...or rather attempted mountain climbing.  I'm extremely afraid of heights so Zach was pretty proud of me for getting about half-way up the mountain before chickening out.  It was about the time when the trail was the same width as my body that I started to freak out! Yikes! 

Heading up to Mount Manuel...unfortunately this was the last picture I took during the hike. I was too busy staring at my feet to make sure they didn't fall off the side of the cliff! 

By far, my favorite view from the entire time in California! 

Of course Zach had to pose for the camera. :)

This last picture is the view from the restaurant, Nepenthe, where we ate before heading back to the hotel. It is located right on top of a huge cliff overlooking the ocean.  Even though it was pretty dang expensive ($35 for a veggie burger & glass of wine!) we couldn't pass up the chance to eat our last dinner in California looking at this beautiful coastal view. 

One last video of the crazy fog on Highway 1. 

I hope you all enjoyed looking at our honeymoon photos! Zach and I had a blast and are ready to tackle the next project together as husband and wife...our house renovation!  We are hoping to close on Friday, but the underwriters are taking their pretty time. 

Stay tune for some amazing wedding pictures to appear on the blog soon!!!!
I cannot wait to share them with you all!!


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5 Responses to Honeymoon: Big Sur

  1. absolutely beautiful, lainey! it looks like you had an amazing time, and i can't wait to hear stories!


  2. All of your honeymoon pictures are so lovely.... looks like you guys had an amazing time!


  3. wow! these images are amazing. looks like an incredible trip. congrats on your wedding!


  4. Thanks for letting us in on your awesome honeymoon adventures. I checked out some of the wedding photos you tweeted about and wow, stunning, that's all I can say. Please be sure to photo document the renovations!

  5. Wow so pretty! It's amazing the beauty you can experience just here in our own country! I think some people often overlook that :) Beautiful photos!


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