Productivity is Beautiful

Don't you just love when you create a list of things to do and almost everything gets checked off? 
My Saturday looked oh so daunting on paper; running 12 miles, finishing off the invites, starting wedding favors, working on bridal party gifts, trying on my wedding dress, and doing the last of the spring cleaning seemed overwhelming.  Upon getting home that night after a delightful dinner with our friends/wedding photographers Bryan and Mae, I sat and thought about how wonderful the day had been. 

Productivity is beautiful.  Taking a jumbled mess of errands, arranging time just so, and fulfilling those moments efficiently doesn't work for everyone. Chaos into an organized form is art; and I thrive in those eloquent moments. There is something so satisfying about rendering my energy and witnessing an outcome. Even the simplest of deeds, like writing an email, has a sweet reward of completion.

Does anyone else feel this way? Or is it just me? 

With a lot of running around on Saturday I kept my outfit pretty causal. I did up my hair for my gown fitting and called it good. It put a smile on my face to be wearing my spring coat and no tights/socks!
 Hence the extremely white feet. :)

My co-worker's wife was so sweet to give me this awesome black dress, I love the asymmetrical neckline on it and how soft it is. It looks great with leggings too. Thanks Debbie! 

My mega ring that I've had since grade school! 

I didn't realize until today that my coat, scarf, and belt are all thrifted. I think more than half of my clothes were someone else's first.  Haha!

Needless to say, I do get burned out if I'm in a constant mode of needing to accomplish things. Sunday was my chance to unwind and not really do anything...except clean which is a stress reliever to me. :) 
Do you feel like the weekends are your chance to be productive, unwind, or both? 

Here is to a wonderful week ahead and hopefully warmer weather for Michigan! 


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5 Responses to Productivity is Beautiful

  1. Love love love the green coat! Also your up-do is cute. Have you picked a hairstyle for your wedding yet? Wedding decisions = stressful. My best girl friend is going through it now. Glad all I have to do is throw the bridal shower and show up on the big day. haha ;)

  2. Oh my goodness, I love the simplicity of this outfit. I've actually found though, that's it's these types of outfits I feel the most confident in--when everything fits beautifully and you've got little things to do so that you're strutting around with purpose all day :) You're a super classy laaaady

    <3 Lea :)

  3. simple and lovely. hooray for no socks!
    p.s. when will I see you next? I have something for you.

  4. I love crossing things off my list. You are your mother's daughter.

  5. I love this outfit! :) You look darling. It must be warmer over on the west coast of MI. I haven't been brave enough to cuff the pants and go without socks yet. What is with this weather? I thought it was spring?! haha

    Brittni, With Love From Michigan


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