A Hearth At Home

Let me tell you, house hunting is deceivingly harder than it appears. What HGTV doesn't tell all you "property virgins" out there is that you will spend way too much time looking at all the houses for sale, fall in love with a few, stress about making an offer on the right house, freak out about the finances involved, and then become incredibly distraught and nervous when a couple of the houses sell before you can even walk them. Someone please remind me again why we decide to look at houses two months before the wedding? 
I'm going to blame this one on Zach. :)  

This past week as Zach and I scoured the real estate websites for houses, I began to realize that all the houses I immediately adored had one thing in common…a fireplace. 

Here is what I envision when I ponder about my future home with that glorious fireplace:
As the sun starts to set and dinner is finished, I grab my latest read with my Pinot Noir in tow.  Walking to the den, the scent of burning logs envelops the room in a pleasing way. My feet cross over from the hardwood floor to our plush shag rug, where our new doggy rests upon. Flopping down on the sofa with a sign of relief, the flames from the fireplace crackle and dance about; I'm instantly subdued by it's song.  Hours I spend absorbed in my novel, only taking a break to stoke the dwindling fire. As the fire warms the room, it is only a matter of time before it lulls me to sleep.  It is the perfect end to a quiet night at home. 

Just few lovelies I like. 

So what would be the one element of a house that you couldn't do without? 
Any down sides to having a fireplace that I should be aware of? 

Happy Friday to you all! Have a lovely weekend!


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2 Responses to A Hearth At Home

  1. Wow; these all look amazing! I agree; that sounds like the perfect night in. All the best with your house-hunting! I'm sure you'll find something soon and all that stress will turn into excitement :-)

  2. i would love to have a fireplace, but i'm pretty sure that all philadelphia houses have them closed off due to fires and such. the one on the bottom left is my favorite!


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