A DIY Challenge

To take on a DIY is somewhat ingrained in my nature. I've always been a very independent lady; my parents can attest to my strong willingness to do everything on my own when I was very young. I wanted to dress myself, attempt headstands on my own, and ride my bike for the first time with no help. Apparently I liked to tell my parents, "I do myself!" when asked if I needed help. At the time, this attitude might have been somewhat of a struggle, but it has transcended well into my adult life. I like to take on new adventures and seek endeavors on my own. But sometimes I need the help of others for motivation along the way. 

This is where Indiana Adams, Made This / Love This, a DIY collective comes in.
This is a great project that Indiana recently put into play to help others get motivated to try new DIY's and to showcase your projects.  I'm hoping it will eventually give me that extra push to bring out the sewing machine more often. But let's not get to ahead of ourselves. :)

Here is a look at the first project
An easy t-shirt scarf.

Dare to take the Made This /Love This Challenge? Sign up and join the community
Plus, it will be fun to see everyone's finished projects on the site! 
Anyone interested? 

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7 Responses to A DIY Challenge

  1. Just signed up, it looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

    Also, your scarf turned out awesome!

  2. That is so cool! I love the color that you picked :)

    I forgot to tell you, but my mom made that sweet potato dish last week at her house and we all ate it and it was amazing! Even my brothers loved it and Kyle wants me to make it for him all the time because he ate the most :P

  3. I love the idea.. but if you saw how incapable I am at anything DIY.. wah, wahh.

    Hope this day is treating you well!! xxoo

  4. can we have a DIY day, where we go shopping for necessary materials, drink coffee, and do things ourselves? :)

  5. That's actually really neat! I don't know if it's a scarf or what, but it looks neat and adds a great pop of color! I might have to head myself over there soon.


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