When guests arrive for your wedding reception, the first thing most people notice are the centerpieces. These usually present important questions. Did you make these yourself or have someone else do it? Are they tacky or elegant? Expensive or Thrifty? Creative or just boring? 

I wanted these to reflect Zach and I, while staying within our budget. Once again, the assortment of blogs helped me narrow down this vision to something I could put together with the help of my florist.

To help with the "thrifty" aspect of these, I had my mother and future mother-in law ask friends and family if they'd be willing to let us borrow any blue mason jars. With our luck, we ended up with way more than we needed! Who knew that so many people would have these.  They run any where from $5 - $10 a piece at antique stores/online and we got them for free!

Wanting to focus on the details, I struggled with finding other pieces to go with the mason jars.  Since we could only find rather large pieces of driftwood, we nixed the idea of putting these on each table. Going with our "wood/nature" theme, I found inspiration on craigslist. While searching for paper lanterns, I came across this picture and knew at once that I wanted to duplicate the wood slices they had on each table.

I love the rustic vibe these centerpieces give.  The burlap table linens give it a dramatic flair and complete this look. This is similar to what we envision our reception to look and feel like. I'd love to incorporate one more item to our tables besides the wood slices (with candle) and blue mason jars. Grouping items in three gives a space visual interest and a "decorator look" to it. I'm contemplating using succulents, but not sure if this will clash with our theme. Here are my inspirations thus far.

Succulent Centerpieces

Succulent Place Cards

With plenty of time, the rest of these preparations have been put on the back burner for now.  Moving on to more pressing matters like what Zach and his groomsmen will wear! :)

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