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The way you and others visually perceive your surroundings carries great significance. Is your living room an eye sore because of the particular shade of pea green it gives off? Color is often the hardest decision a person will make when decorating a house. Ironically it is often the easiest to overlook.  Color has such a powerful influence in our daily lives, much to our amiss.  It infuses us with emotions and expresses personal style.

Becoming familiar with color schemes and theory will dramatically make decorating simpler and look more professional. Understanding what harmonious colors are (colors side by side on the color wheel) and what complementary colors are (opposite colors on a color wheel) along with many more color schemes will aid in the process of deciding what colors "go" together.


          Websites for Color Inspiration

                             Colour Lovers
                             Color Schemer
                             Color Matters

I recently found an amazing book that has helped me when I pondered over what color palette would work best for my wedding. The Color Scheme Bible discusses color theory, lighting, moods color creates, and how to find inspiration in color. The rest of the book is basically a color palette directory, displaying 200 different colors. 

The Color Scheme Bible

Color Palette Directory

I highly recommend buying or renting this book from the library if you find putting color palettes too strenuous or are just interested in expanding your color awareness. Many people fear color. DON'T! The more you realize how fun color is to play with, the more intriguing your decor will become.  Step out of the box and try a bold color on one wall. What is the worst that could happen? It look horrible and you have to repaint a wall? This is nothing compared to the delight you will receive when finding that perfect color that completes your look.

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