Weekend Adventures - New Years Eve Glitz

Happy New Year!!! 
With 2012 finally here, I'm looking forward to all the plans Zach and I have talked about doing this year. 
I still haven't sat down and wrote out my resolutions, but a few things are for sure: 
- I want to train for a half marathon this summer
- Attempt to start on the renovations for our kitchen
- Take several long weekends to travel & camp with Zach
- Continue on our journey of eating/living a healthy lifestyle

To kick off the new year right, the glitter & sequins came out... 

Since I don't get dolled up that often, I had fun putting together this outfit.  I was pretty excited when Anjolee Jewelers sent over this stunning Eternally Yours Eternity Band just in time for the holidays. It was the perfect accessory to my glitzy outfit. What I love about this band is how versatile it is. Anjolee has a huge variety of diamond bridal set and wedding sets, but this ring definitely doesn't have to be used as a traditional wedding band or diamond anniversary ring. I adore fashion rings that can be stacked and worn with a variety of other rings, so immediately I knew my thin silver rings would go perfectly stacked with the Eternity Band. To top it off, this ring almost matches my own wedding band, so I can easily add this piece for a stack-able wedding set of my own! 

I usually try to be pretty simple in my jewelry and outfits, but couldn't help myself once I had my sequin top on... I finally backed down and told myself I had to take out the three inch sparkly dangling earrings and put more simple studs in. I probably would have put glitter all over my eyes and face if Zach hadn't had said I already had enough makeup on. Oh well, there is always Halloween! :) 

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4 Responses to Weekend Adventures - New Years Eve Glitz

  1. You look awesome! I love all of your pretty bracelets! Good luck with all of your goals for the new year!

  2. This is a really cute outfit. It's not very often that you see an off-the-shoulder sequin top (or at least I haven't yet) so this one really stands out! (In a good way of course!)

    Cup of Tea

  3. You look fantastic!! You really pulled the glitter look together perfectly, and that ring is stunning!!! Lovely x

  4. I adore this look--I wish I had had somewhere to get a glittery for. (:


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