The Isle of Kauai - Poipu Beaches

This Christmas, Zach and I took a vacation with my parents and brother to Kauai, one of the lovely Hawaiian islands! This year, life has been a whirlwind for Zach and I. This vacation was just what we needed; time to relax and not feel the pressure of deadlines from work. Without further adieu... I give you the beaches of Poipu. 

Poipu is located on the south side of Kauai; where we rented a house for the week. 
This above image is the incredible view we had just within minutes from the house. 
Every morning we'd have these lovely fresh oranges that grew on a tree right by our house.
My husband, Zachary, would attempt to climb or knock them down. It was fun to watch...but even
better to eat and drink! I've never been so intoxicated by the smell of fresh fruit. 
Poipu Beach, the most popular beach on the south side of Kauai. 
Zach swore he could live off of the land if he had too here (someone's watched too many Lost episodes) and
 he proved he could. Countless times he'd come back home with coconuts he had climbed for. 
We spent many hours hanging out on this beach. Reading, drinking coconut water,
 boogie boarding, and watching the talented surfers ride scary waves. 
Mother and I. 
One of Poipu's more secluded beaches is Maha'ulepu Beach. 
Upon arrival, we saw several horse back riders trot through. 

Merrell Barefoot Power Glove. 

A little snorkeling. 

My brother, Alex. 

Al & me. 
The parents. 
The rain coming in. It poured at least several times a day, but stopped after a couple minutes. 
One lady told me she called it liquid sun. I agreed. 
Heading back to the rental house. 

Has anyone else ever been to any of the Hawaiian islands? 
Stay tune for many more photos of our adventures on Kauai! 

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4 Responses to The Isle of Kauai - Poipu Beaches

  1. Such beautiful photos...looks like you had am amazing time!!

  2. This looks like an incredible holiday, and you've taken some stunning photos! I really like the term 'liquid sun' for those downpours in tropical climates. Life doesn't get much better than that!! ;-)

  3. Aww, I am so jealous! My friend Erin moved to that island last year, she works for the company that owns the Book Cadillac downtown. I am not a beach person, but these photos are making me want to buy a bathing suit!

  4. omg that beach is totally beautiful, i envy you a lot! you must had lots of fun, and you look like one too. such a breath taking scenery it is, im in love <33


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