The Isle of Kauai - The Nā Pali Coast

One of the biggest highlights of our trip to Kauai was the day long trip Zach and I took to the North Coast. 
Our aim was to hike part of the strenuous trail along the Nā Pali Coast. This hike started from Ke'e Beach and went about two miles before hitting Hanakapi'ai Beach. We were advised to not go in the water at all for many hikers had died from the strong rip currents. From this beach, we hiked west into thHanakapi'ai Valley for another two miles until we reached the end and beheld the Hanakapi'ai Falls. 

I've never been so high up in the mountains or deep in a valley with such insane trails that were either a muddy mess, full of rocks, or just a plain river that you had to trail upstream. It took us 4 hours to traverse 8 miles and every second was worth it.  Here are the few photos I dared take during this incredible hike. 

The beginning...

Hanakapi'ai Beach

Hanakapi'ai Falls

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what the trails were like! So rocky! 
Hanakapi'ai Falls, up close and personal. 
I didn't get much closer since it was incredibly windy and cold. 
On our way back through a bamboo forest. 

The Nā Pali Coast

The muddy trails! Don't bother wearing real hiking boots...
our feet were soaked the whole time from crossing the river about five times. 
Once we got back onto a more stable footing, the running started. Talk about adrenaline rushing! 

Well that rounds up our amazing Kauai trip! I would highly recommend checking out the Kauai-an island if you are ever out that way. It is definitely a place to relax and get back in touch with the wonders of life. 

Hope everyone has a great week...I'm getting ready to head out to Alt Design Summit and Outdoor Retailer for work. I'm stoked to meet a ton of inspiring folk and check out Salt Lake for the first time! 

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4 Responses to The Isle of Kauai - The Nā Pali Coast

  1. I've hiked this before! It's insane isn't it? Is "Mayor Ron" still there? What about the library? That place is awesome, I want to go back.

  2. I am so jealous of your trip! I want to go SO bad now! :)

  3. Such gorgeous photos Kate! It looks like you two had a fabulous time! Hiking is my all-time favorite form of exercise, and the prettier the view, the better! So jealous you got to meet Gala Darling at ALt Summit, I love her and her blog is so motivational. :)

  4. Oh my! What wonderful pictures! It makes me wanna go buy a plane ticket and head that way! I love hiking in such wilderness. Looks like you guys had a great time :)


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