The Isle of Kauai - Kauai Coffee

You can't expect to go on vacation with my father and I and not drink lots and lots of coffee. 
We share this common love for a good cup of joe; so of course we headed to Kauai Coffee for lots of samples! 
On our way we stopped to check out Spouting Horn and see this killer rainbow. 
My family and Zach didn't really believe me when I said that chickens run wild here... below is proof. This isn't a farm, this is just off the side of a busy road! They are literally everywhere. By the beach, on trails, even in the mountains. Everywhere. 
Upon arrival, everyone started slurping down the java and picking their favorites. 
I had a hard time choosing, but I think I liked the Big Braddah the best. 

We then headed out for a little self guided tour...with coffee in tow. 

Has anyone else taken coffee plantation tours? 
Are you a coffee lover like me...or is tea more your thing? 
Stay tune for a few more posts on my Kauai vacation. 

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4 Responses to The Isle of Kauai - Kauai Coffee

  1. I've never been on a coffee plantation tour..... and this post now makes me want too!! Looks like so much fun! Enjoy your vacation.


  2. Chickens definitely go wild over that farm! I've never taken coffee plantation tours (not yet) but they seem fantastic!

  3. mmm, sounds amazing! so cool to see the actual plantation!

  4. Omg Jealous! I life for coffee, it is the essence of my being!..or something. I love the chickens, it is so cool to see them as wild animals, just doin' their thang.


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