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Hello! I’m Mackenzie and Lainey is one of my dearest friends
(yes, I’m one of those who calls Kate, Lainey).

Since pictures speak louder than words, let me explain our friendship:

Via Ghetto college camera.

I love Lainey and thank God for her friendship everyday. I cherish our memories
and look forward to all of our future adventures together.  

Today on Lainey’s blog, I thought I would share a few photos, lists (we love lists!!), foods, and ideas that have inspired me in the past. I hope you love them too!

List: 33 Ways To Stay Creative

Photo: Lago de Atitlàn, Guatemala

The Spanish language was my first true love and I fell in love with traveling the world soon afterwards. The Lago de Atitlàn in Guatemala is beautiful and so are the communities of people that surround it.  Traveling makes my heart sing and challenges me to be better. I believe in order to fully appreciate our own lives and cultures; we need to discover the lives and cultures of others.

Idea: A Shabby Chic Trunk

I’m making this! I love DIY projects and Lainey always has great ideas.

Via this blog!!

To see the details, here’s Lainey’s post- With A Heart Full of Daisies

Food: Yum! Oreo stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love cookies. One of the first things people learn about me is I love love love chocolate chip cookies. I was so happy when I saw this photo and then found the recipe here. I use Newman-O’s instead of regular Oreos,  along with whole wheat flour, Earth Balance Butter, and raw organic cane sugar.

Photo: New Home in Austin, Texas

I’ve recently moved to Austin, Texas and I love my new home. Friends! Come visit this incredible city. One of my favorite things about Austin are the unique homes found in the Travis Heights neighborhood. Here’s the home that welcomed me to Austin!

Via my first Austin roomie and incredible photographer friend, Paige Newton.
Check out her beautiful work at Paige Newton Photography.

Idea: Meet Matt Chandler

A friend told me about Matt Chandler about one year ago. Matt serves as lead pastor of The Village Church in Highland Village, Texas. Since, I can’t attend his church in person, I listen to his sermons via podcasts. You can also listen to Matt’s sermons here. I encourage you to check them out – Matt’s teaching of the Gospel has changed, grown, and challenged my relationship with God in miraculous ways.

Photo: Zach and Kate King

This photo is beautiful and so are Zach and Lainey. I’m so excited two of my favorites got married and are beginning their happily ever after. I’m encouraged by their love and commitment to one another and of course, by there incredibly active lifestyle. This running photo was perfect! Congrats again guys, I’m jumping
up and down for you, cheering you on!

Have a great day everyone, it was so nice to share with y’all. I’d love to meet you too! 
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