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hello readers of WAHFOD!

my name is anna and i am a budget-fashion blogger over at love like laughter. when kate asked me to be a guest blogger for her while she is enjoying the sun, travel, and her brand new hubby in san fran, i was more than honored - kate was the sole inspiration to start my blog! we went to college together but have definitely grown closer because of our shared blogging experiences. i was also lucky enough to spend kate's wedding day with her and you can take it from me, it was the perfect day for the perfect couple. 

congrats again, kate and zach!

my blog started with "not really sure where the heck this is going" and it eventually turned into a "i'm a cheap skate." i soon realized that not everyone is as conscious (or obsessed) about bargain shopping as i am. so, i started "totaling" my outfits and found that most of my outfits are under $30. i thrift once in a while, but most of it is straight-up clearance. 

what is the method to my madness? some things i can explain, like:
-- i'm full-blood, 100% dutch - it's how we do it.
-- i'm a teacher - i can barely pay my rent, let alone pay full price.
-- some get runners' highs, some get adrenaline highs, some get regular high - i get bargain highs.
-- i have never (that's right, never) bought a piece of apparel (clothes, shoes, accessories, etc) that was full price.

my outfit for today took me way too long to pick out. i really had to do something that would live up to kate's blog's reputation, and her extremely high standards (just look at zach!) but also showcase a few of my favorite buys. this is what i came up with.

shirt: gap (clearance, $2.99)
skirt: old navy (clearance plus a groupon, $6.49)
shoes: old navy (clearance plus the same groupon, $6.99)
necklace: self made (materials from michael's, $2.50 for bib, $2 for chain = $4.50)
earrings: purchased in costa rica ($2)
outfit total: $22.97
sunglasses: kohl's (clearance $6)

i can't put words to my crazy-obsessive-compulsive-clearance-shopping madness, but i am going to leave you with a few tips:
**when i walk into a store, i shoot right to the back - the clearance. no messing around with that full priced stuff. come on.
**i hunt - i enjoy looking for those diamonds in the rough. that shirt that is only $5 and is so me. that skirt that looks awful on the rack so no one tries it on, but is now 50% off and is truly one of a kind.
**90% of the things i REALLY want i know will go on sale at my favorite stores. it has taken a few years, but i have studied what will go on sale, and when it will go on sale (yep, i'm that crazy.) wait a few weeks - you'll see.
**it doesn't have to be thrifted. i honestly haven't found a thrift/consignment shop yet that is cheaper than what i can find on clearance racks. just style it right and you're made in the shade.
**my favorites: kohls 60, 70, and 80% off. gap 30% off already reduced prices. tjmaxx clearance. NY&C clearance. and my all time favorite: outlets & factory stores. 

be careful when shopping like this. my boyfriend, ryan, and i have decided that i may have a sickness - i am a compulsive saver. i have struggled with buying things only because they are awesome deals, and not because i like it. on the other side of it, i can love something but i won't buy it because it's "too expensive" - a.k.a. full price. my advice (do as i say, not as i do) is to buy what you love, but if you want to save a little money you can follow the tips above.

thanks, kate, for letting me drop in. you're a true inspiration to me, and i hope you're loving cali!

find me at love like laughter!!

spread your love like laughter.

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