A Dream Life

To be honest, I always thought wedding guest books were kinda lame.  I pictured myself having this big, ugly book full of people's signatures and immediately it reminded me of an autographed high school yearbook.  Where do you put this book? Do you ever bring it down from the bookshelf, dust it off, and actually read all the people's signatures? I doubt it. No hard feelings to those who treasure the traditional guest book, but that isn't Zach and I. After searching for alternative ways for a guest book, I really became frustrated with the selections available.  I did what I usually do in these situations...make it into a DIY. 

Thus began my search for the perfect vintage book.  Eventually I found this darling antique book with a fitting title; "Dream Life."  With a copyright date of 1900, I felt bad for what I wanted to do to it; have the pages taken out and rebound with blank ones.  For a few weeks I debated if I wanted to rebind the book myself.  After researching how much work, supplies, and knowledge it would take to do so, I opted to find a local book binder.  I was lucky enough to get in touch with Wendy Withrow who gladly took on this project. 

Check out the end result! Windy's work is beautiful and I was extremely pleased how the book turned out.  Her talent for book binding is so evident; the quality of the paper and binding is superb.  If anyone is interested in having a wedding guest book or custom journal made, please check out Wendy's website, Windy Weather Bindery.  Thanks again Wendy! 

 I asked Wendy to randomly place some of the original pages inside, along with all of the pictures. 
My hope is to leave a little note next to the book at the reception asking everyone to write a short comment or favorite memory of Zach and I.  On some of the pages I will probably have a question or a fill in the blank. 
  Remember when Zach....  Haha I can only imagine some of the responses. :) 

Isn't it adorable!?
I'm excited to take it home with me after the wedding and read all the notes from our loved ones.  These comments will be forever treasured and will help us relive a beautiful night spent with our favorite people.
Isn't that what a dream life is anyway? A life surrounded by those who love and support you unconditionally...

10 more days till I'm a Mrs. 

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11 Responses to A Dream Life

  1. wow, i LOVE this! Such a great idea and I've never heard of anybody doing this. Fabulous! I'm getting my friend her guest book as a partial wedding present. She gave me a bunch of pictures of the two of them and submitted them to one of those online companies that puts a guest book together for you with full-page pictures and blank pages alternating. I can't wait to see it and I hope she likes it!
    But I love your idea! So elegant!

  2. Can you please stop making me cry while reading your blogs? :) good lord girl, you have a way. Love the book idea - a little worried about what the boys will say to "remember when..." but such a great idea. I'll start thinking of my response. so excited for you!

  3. Kai and I asked everyone to write a memory of one or the both of us. We had so much fun reading through them together! much better than reading through page after page of advice i've heard a million times. "never go to bed angry ..."

  4. What an amazing idea, and how beautiful the book you chose! :)

  5. Amazing. I love the last photo with your hand and engagement ring in it. This was such a great idea. It's so personal and will definitely look awesome on your coffee table or in your bookshelf :)

  6. GORGEOUS! What an amazing & original idea!

  7. I LOVE this. What an awesome idea! Seriously I would have never thought of using a vintage book. I agree, I've always thought wedding guest books were kind of lame but this makes it super sweet! I love that you had her bind some of the original pages too, and I love the question and answer idea. Gosh you are full of great ideas girl!
    One more thing that I love.. haha, but you're wedding ring!! Oh my goodness it's gorgeous. I love the unique shape of your diamond especially.

  8. Oh and about my earrings! It totally made my day that you'd want a tutorial by the way. :) They were SUPER easy, they probably took me twenty minutes tops. (Which for people with 10 fingers probably translates to about 10 minutes. haha) But ya I got everything I needed (glass beads, earring loop, chain) at Joann's so I'm sure you could find everything at Michael's. I've never been to Hobby Lobby but seriously, if they have a bead section than you'll be able to find everything you need.

  9. This IS so cute!!! I love it. I agree, most guest books are so boring. And I dread writing in them because it does feel like a high school yearbook! I love the idea of a "finish the sentence" thing, though. And the book itself is beautiful! Eeee! Happy Wedding!


  10. This is really sweet. I went to a wedding yesterday and they left a polaroid camera and glue stick next to the guest book. Everyone could take funny pictures of themselves, stick them in the book and add a comment. I like your idea of having questions in the book.

  11. This is such a brilliant idea! Congratulations to you and I'm sure you're having a magical honeymoon! :)


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