The Calm Before The Storm

The silence and calmness that has resided over me is just what I need at this moment. This old adage seems remarkably true...there is this lull, a waiting period, before the great "storm" hits. I'm taking one day at a time; waiting on the nerves, butterflies, and overwhelming excitement for the wedding day to eventually kick in. 

This weekend was causal and laid back...and I'm doing my best to make sure the rest of this week ends up being just as bridezilla here!  Without getting too much into it, we've had a stressful time with the house we recently put an offer on and last week I was pretty stressed and emotionally drained. If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen my frustrated tweet about it. Thus, the focus became to much on the house and the annoying situation we were in, and not what it should have been on. This week, things are definitely looking up and focus is back on the priority at hand; getting married to my best friend. 

Tank: Thrifted, Necklace: Bloomington Art Fair, Belt: Thrifted
Jeans: A&F (gift from my brother!) Shoes: Steve Madden, Urban Exchange

All the details are pretty much wrapped up...minus the writing of both of our vows. I knew Zach would wait till the last minute to write his, but I didn't expect such a writer's block from myself. I'm realizing the right words are incredibly hard to find; writing a promise to your love is intimidating!    

This will probably be my last post this week...stay tune for lots of wonderful guest posts. 
I'm so excited for you to meet some lovely ladies or see some you might already know! 

Yay! Four more days! 


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6 Responses to The Calm Before The Storm

  1. I can't believe how quickly time flew (I'm sure even more so for you!) but how exciting. (: I'm glad you're taking things in stride--I wasn't happy when I saw your tweet, but I'm glad things are in perspective and you're focusing on marrying your best friend.

  2. You look so cute!! I really love the jeans and the top, you find such cute thrifted items! I wish you luck and all the best on the wedding, I am so happy for you and I cannot wait to see pictures!

    I know how you feel about the house, we literally were just put through the ringer and it was horrible. I hope everything works out for you guys.

  3. yay! soooo excited for you girlie! love the outfit btw ;) can't wait to see wedding pics!!!!!!!

  4. Super cute outfit! I'm so impressed at your calm! I wish I could have been like that a few days before I got married...enjoy every moment - can't wait to see pics x

  5. CJ VanDaff - ZondervanJune 24, 2011 at 8:31 AM

    can't wait to see all of the wedding photos! You are going to be THE most beautiful bride :-)

  6. Congratulations Kate! :) I can't wait for you to share photos of your dress, hair, and small details I know you have worked so hard on to make your wedding perfect!


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