Daddy's Girl

Happy Father's Day, Dadda!
To the man who taught me what hard work is, self-discipline, and how to continually grow in my faith.
Daily, you remind me that I'm beautiful and that I can do anything I set my mind too.
I wish I could be there to celebrate today, but I'm looking forward to seeing you at the end of this week for a much needed daddy/daughter date. I wouldn't want any other man to walk me down the aisle this Saturday.

I love you!

Forever your little girl,

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5 Responses to Daddy's Girl

  1. Absolutely adorable. I wonder if I have photos like that of me and my dad.

  2. Oh goodness, this picture is absolutely adorable. I love the curlers in your hair and the Mickey Mouse tee especially. You are/were adorable.
    This Saturday!!! ahh crazy, that's so soon! I'm so excited for you Kate. SO excited.

  3. you are just so cute there with your dad!! Cannot wait to hear all about the wedding this weekend!! I am sure everything will be amazing!!

  4. Awww! This is so sweet! I love this post :)

    And i got your email! I shall be working on my post for you tomorrow and I will email it to you by Thursday if not before :)

  5. Awww..this is soooo sweet. My dad was like that ages ago. Makes me miss the person he was, he is very different today. Belated happy father's day to your dad


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