Right On Rogue River

One of the top reasons why I love Zach is that he is the perfect complement to myself.  As a very organized individual, I'll have a whole weekend planned out...lists and all.  Zach on the other hand is a care free bird.  He usually just goes with the flow, no plan in mind; which can be nerve racking at times for me, but it is this attribute of his that I've come to treasure.

So going to Rockford on Sunday wasn't on my list, but when Zach threw it out there, I decided to go with it.
Regardless that we should have spent the afternoon finishing the wedding invites, it was really nice to have an afternoon date walking the streets of downtown Rockford. We checked out the local boutiques, found some great treasures at a resale shop, chowed down on some Mexican, and walked around the Rogue River. 
Zach even had fun taking pictures of me! They must have put something in his food...

Sporting my Dooney & Bourke handbag from One Girls Treasure

My thrifted "old lady" shoes. Everyone needs a pair. 

I love this top from Urban Outfitters. The bow and little buttons sold me. I got it a while back on sale and used to have the hardest time styling it, but I think it works best with this high waisted skirt. Any other suggestions on what to pair this top with?  This Tulle skirt was purchased from a consignment shop in Grand Rapids called, Rock Paper Scissors. A lot of their items had price tags still on and everything was in mint condition.  Plus it's right next to Marie Catribs, so it's a win/win shopping trip!  

After we got back to Grand Rapids, we actually got a ton of other things done, the most important being that I purchased Zach's wedding ring!  It was so cute watching him try them on and knowing that in about three months he'll be wearing that ring forever. :)  

Now, the moment you've been waiting for...
We have a winner for last week's "Toby the Owl" Giveaway! 

Congrats CJ!  Please send me an email to claim your giveaway. 

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10 Responses to Right On Rogue River

  1. it was like i was writing that first part: ryan = care free. me = organizing freak. so glad you guys had an unplanned sunday event! can't wait to hear wedding details.

    p.s. i will miss toby, even if i never had him in the first place :)

  2. Love that Dooney and Bourke bag. You look so lovely my dear! xoxo

  3. Sounds like a super lovely and chill way to spend a Sunday!
    I love every detail about your outfit from the bow on your blouse and zippers on your skirt to the duel tone shoes. You look lovely!

  4. so cute :) i wish my husband would enjoy being my photographer!

  5. i love this outfit! your blouse is super cute!!


  6. Such a lovely outfit! I love that blouse, and those shoes, and that amazing D&B bag.. i love it all! I also love spontaneous day trips like that. They're always so much fun. ^_^

  7. Love that Dooney and Bourke bag. You look so lovely my dear! xoxo


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