My Love Affair With Tea

As most of my friends and family know, I adore coffee.  
Going from a sugary, milk laded coffee to straight up black, I've come to appreciate the fine art of java and the effects it has on my life.  It is always there for me in the mornings, waiting patiently on the counter-top while I trudge to the kitchen. Coffee greets me with such a pleasant aroma and comforts me with a warm "Good Morning Kate!" as I consume it's sultry complex flavors.

 Since college I've had a pretty solid relationship with it.  
But I'm sorry to say, lately I've been unfaithful to my coffee love.  
I'm having an affair with coffee's best friend...Tea.  

 Earl grey, black, peppermint, green, and camomile - all delights of mine.
The refreshing, pure taste that tea provides has got me hooked and gives me all the comforts that coffee does, just in a different form.  

Like coffee, tea is also versatile; allowing us to mix up the way we drink it.
Whether we like it hot or cold, with sugar or not, there are lots of ways to enjoy tea.
Besides just naked tea, my favorite tea beverage is Bubble Tea!  With the sun making it's appearance yesterday, it was definitely a tea day. So I attempted to make this lovely drink that I would routinely get at Lemonjellos in Holland.

Here is my Mango Earl Grey Bubble Tea concoction.

I've got to start adding fruit to my tea more often! This added so much texture and flavor, I downed this drink pretty fast. I just wish I had bought the Bubble straws! 

Have you tried Bubble Tea before? If not, then what is your drink of choice? Coffee or Tea?

Oh and for you coffee lovers out there, don't worry, I won't forget about my true love. 
We just needed a break. :)

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12 Responses to My Love Affair With Tea

  1. this looks great! although you know me and I don't think I'll be taking a break from my coffee anytime soon :)

  2. I am a coffee addict as you now know, but I do like tea once in awhile. Adding fruit seems really cool and tasty!

  3. Great blog Kate:)

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  4. This looks so delicious! I've never thought about making homemade bubble tea before. I'm going to have to give it a try!

  5. I was drinking tea as I read this...fitting. I really love the idea of adding mangoes; I'll have to try that.

    Have you had the tea at Little Africa? It is outstanding. If you need an excuse to go try it, we're always up for a little LA action. ;)

  6. bubble tea is awesome! love royal milk tea!

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  7. I just loove your blog and style! I am definitely a huge fan of tea myself <3

  8. I never would have thought to add fruit to my tea but it is such a great idea. As much as I love coffee, it can be a real bummer coming down from it.

  9. i've just started getting into drinking tea. i'm a major coffee drinker. i never thought about putting fruit in my tea, i'll have to try that out!

  10. Lainey your tea pictures are really good! Makes me want to brew some right now.

  11. I never would have thought to add fruit to my tea but it is such a great idea. As much as I love coffee, it can be a real bummer coming down from it.

  12. Great blog Kate:)

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