It's Mini...Therefore It's Cute

Is it just a girl thing to adore all miniature objects? 
I tend to find myself drawn to such things, ohhing and awwing over how cute they are. 
While scouring through etsy I found so many tiny loves...

Mama & Baby Hedgehogs by doodlebirdie

Square Inch Art - Yellow Series by palimpsestic

Tiny Tea Time Teacup Necklace by Penelope's Porch

Miniature Robert Burns Poems Book by Dreaming of Vintage

And my favorite...
Little Mossy Guy by Tortoise Loves Donkey

Since I've been collecting so many random bottles for the wedding, I've decided that it wouldn't hurt if I used one of them to make my own little mossy guy!  It was super easy, anyone can make one. 

1. First, you need a container to put your moss in.  It can be almost anything. 
I've seen light bulbs be used, get creative!  

2. Layer pebbles or sand in your container for drainage. 

3. If you have an enclosed container, then you need to add activated charcoal to help filter the air. 
You can purchase this at any pet shop that has aquarium supplies. 

4. Add soil

5. Pick your moss or succulent. I just searched by trees and found my lovely moss, but many terrarium growing kits recommend using Irish Moss. 

6. Add sticks, stones, or terrarium accessories like tiny mushrooms or animals.

And that's it!
They are low maintenance, just requiring sunlight and a light mist of water every 2 to 3 weeks. 

Do you like him? 
Now he just needs a name.  Yes, like to name my plants. Any suggestions?
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I'm planning on heading down to Kalamazoo to meet up with friends and Zach's family...that is after I've ran my 18 miles tomorrow morning. Yikes! 


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14 Responses to It's Mini...Therefore It's Cute

  1. This is so cute! I know later in the spring, I want to have a cute little window box on my balcony, but I've never thought about a terrarium. It's hard not to smile when you see mini little things.

    <3 Lea

  2. I think his name should be Scotty. I'm rooting for him on American Idol and I like that name. If you don't use that name - I'll make my own Scotty. Do you have any extra charcoal?

  3. hmmm mom, you might have to make your own scotty. :) You don't need charcoal if you are doing an open container, so I didn't use any! We can make you one when you come up...lots of moss just outside my door!

  4. Super cute! :) I'll have to make one - just need a clear bottle (think I'll steal one of my MIL's empty Jaritto's bottles). I am collecting fun glass bottles too, for some kind of art project when we get into our own place :) So far, I have a brown one (rootbeer), and a blue one (virgin Sangria).

  5. thanks for the sweet comment you left me the other day :) encouraging words always appreciated!

    I love love LOVE the mini stuff. When I was little I had an antique printers tray, sort of looked like this:
    And I filled it up with all sorts of miniature collectable. It's the perfect display case for minis!
    I should dig it out and put it up again... hmmm thanks for the inspiration :)

  6. Awww, the little hedgehogs are so adorable! I am also a lover of all things tiny.

  7. Sammal would be a good name. It's Estonian for 'moss'.

    I've done similar things to the "square inch art", although mine were a little bigger. Working that small can be really challenging and time-consuming, but it's also really fun!

  8. Omg that is so COOL!! I want one! hahahah, I am sooo going to make one for the house :)

  9. I have a tiny glass snail that I wish I had a photo of to show you. It is seriously about two centimeters long and adorable. I don't know what the fascination is with miniature, but it is SO REAL, haha.

    My friend has a terrarium necklace--a tiny bottle connected to a cute necklace chain. So adorable! And she waters it and everything.

    Just Take a Bow, brand spankin' new blog.

  10. Love that terranium - I am using them in my wedding :) And those hedgehogs are adorable! I love your blog.

  11. Miniature objects make me so happy! Those hedgehogs are so adorable that I squealed with happiness. I want them, just to look at everyday.

  12. I'm addicted to anything cute too! And those mini hedgehogs are LOVE! :)

       ♥ Teresa ♥
    - Pretty Dandy -

  13. I'm addicted to anything cute too! And those mini hedgehogs are LOVE! :)

       ♥ Teresa ♥
    - Pretty Dandy -

  14. Love that terranium - I am using them in my wedding :) And those hedgehogs are adorable! I love your blog.


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