Part II: Celebrating Three Years with My Lovebug

Not only is Zach the perfect man for me, but he understands my dramatic moments, my need for independence, and my blogging. This post about my favorite day was written by Zach.
Thanks lovebug. Happy Three Year Anniversary!

The Proposal....
When starting a new job it is expected that long hours initially ensue, and that is the excuse that Zach gave Kate for working late the week prior to the engagement. The reality was that he was preparing for his proposal that weekend.

Opening the bedroom door Kate stopped. Her senses quickly awakening from her nights sleep, first noticing the trail of rose petals that Zach had laid out earlier that morning. Her toes gripping the petals as she stepped forward; the sweet scent of cinnamon cider candles filled her nose. Moving to the table Zach had laid out what he had prepared for her that day. A love note with instructions of what to do and where to go explained in the form of a simple riddle, that one of her favorite coffee shops was where she needed to go first that morning.  Zach was the first customer that the coffee shop saw on Saturday. Zach gave them Kate's second note, a picture of her, and explained what he was doing. Fearing that Kate would catch up with him, he quickly left to go to the next location only to discover that everything he had prepared was ruined.

Kate quickly left the coffee shop after solving the next riddle and began to drive to “The Calder,” an enormous red sculpture that is an unofficial symbol for Grand Rapids. Parking her car, Kate hesitantly walked up to the art sculpture that was apparently the location for a private Porsche convention that day. Kate knew that Zach must have spoken with the people running the event that day because they allowed her in to find her next note.

Zach arrived at the next two locations incorporating one of the spots that Kate had taken Zach for his birthday. Zach again began to worry as one of the places that he was going to have Kate go to for lunch did not open until 11:00 a.m.. Fearing that Kate would arrive early and see him, he saw that someone was inside the restaurant. Banging on the door the kid who was working let him in and allowed him to drop off a note and order a lunch for Kate. The last site for the day would be where Zach would ask Kate to marry him.
Kate pulled into Meijer Gardens wondering how many more places she would have to go to and when she would be able to finally see Zach, subconsciously hoping that today would be the day that Zach would FINALLY propose. Kate found the location that her last clue led her too, and began looking for another note. After a while of unsuccessfully being able to find a note she remembered seeing that someone had written in chalk by a statue. The writing led her from one statue to another until reaching a spot where it said to
 "sit here, face woods."

After literally running through Meijer Gardens, Zach finally had everything he had planned laid out and was now waiting for Kate's arrival. Choosing a strategic location where he could see through the woods and still get out of the opening in case Kate came walking his way, he waited, for a good 90 minutes. Finally, he saw Kate and began making his way over to get her. Zach walked up, gave Kate a hug and kiss and took her hand and began walking her to a different location, where he would propose. Walking into a outdoor secluded area that left the impression of walking through a Roman garden, Zach took Kate's hands and looked into her eyes.

“Nothing makes me happier than to surprise you and to make you smile, and I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy.” (Getting down on one knee) “Kate Elaine Freshour, will you marry me?”

 All lovely pictures taken by Bryan and Mae!

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9 Responses to Part II: Celebrating Three Years with My Lovebug

  1. wow, that is a sweet proposal. had so much fun reading it. congratulations! :)

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  2. too cute! Loved reading it from his perspective :) You're a lucky girl! Always feels good to have an amazing man by your side doesn't it?

  3. Aw thanks Lindsay! I couldn't agree more with you! :)

  4. AW AW AW. I read every word:) Sooo sweet. Congrats! You two are adorable.

  5. Thanks Maggeygrace! Glad you liked it. :)

  6. omigoodness, these photos are so lovely! so is your blog, i just discovered it. ill be back!!


  7. these pictures are absolutely adorable! i love the one with you two laying on the grass... beautiful!

  8. these pictures are absolutely adorable! i love the one with you two laying on the grass... beautiful!

  9. wow, that is a sweet proposal. had so much fun reading it. congratulations! :)

    join my STila giveaway!


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