Weekend Adventures - The Quiet Times

Some weekends are meant to be a gift to yourself - a time to wind down and take in the life that usually flies by. This past weekend I can truly say was great for my soul. During my 10 miler I conjured up ideas, dwelled on the future, and thought about topics I usually tuck into the deep recesses of my mind. It's easy to fall into the routine of daily life, to not give yourself a need "me time." So this weekend was dedicated to myself - to think, to work, and to just be. 

It is in these quiet times, these rare moments, that mean the most to me.

It's walking through our beautiful neighborhood, taking in this gift of early Spring and cherishing it.  
It's finding a treasure hidden under a pile of rubbish at a thrift store.
It's sporting bright red New Balance sunglasses b/c they make me smile.
It's watching our small seedlings grow each day. 
It's running slowly and not caring.
It's staying happy and kind.
It's being myself. 

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3 Responses to Weekend Adventures - The Quiet Times

  1. glad you could take some time for yourself this weekend.
    isn't that what weekends should be? i love busyness, but enjoying quiet and solitude is definitely an art, as well. :)

  2. Sounds lovely. I think all weekends should be this way. At least, I wish more of my weekends were this way!

  3. This was a beautiful post Kate! I too miss having alone & quiet time. I am an introvert and need to be alone to recharge in order to deal with everyday things, so I can greatly relate to this post :)


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