Odds 'n Ends

Just a quick post to keep ya'll updated on my latest projects! 
I keep finding unique pieces for the house that need refinishing or reupholstering, so I've been in full force 
this past week in an attempt to get through some of them. Here are two of the most recent items in the 
works. I purchased an old ottoman from an estate sale that was in desperate need of reupholstering, so
the left photo is what I've done thus far. All that is left is adding more stuffing, sewing one more piece 
of cording, and then I get to bust out the staple gun! After the ottoman is completed, I'll sand these little 
side tables my mom found for us and then they'll get a nice coat of paint.   

It's been beyond beautiful outside with temperatures in the 80's this week - making it hard to stay inside 
and work on these projects, but I'm hoping to get these babies done before the weekend. 
Then onto working outside in the backyard! Feels like summer already. :)

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2 Responses to Odds 'n Ends

  1. Oh I cannot wait to see the finished products! I have no idea how to reupholster, I recently gave my brother an ottoman and two stools to work with, so maybe he can teach me. :)

  2. Can't wait to see both of these done, but enjoy this weather while you can.


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