My Dream Vintage Couch

Remember the couch in the first photo
Back in September we happened upon this beautiful vintage sofa that Zach and I instantly fell in love with.
Since my mom is awesome, she insisted on getting this beaut reupholstered for us. Trusty Pinterest then became my go-to source of inspiration for fabric ideas. Stunning velvet and suede sofas kept catching my eye... so after some searching I found the perfect color. I think Emily Henderson would be proud. 

My friend, CJ Vandaff, from True North Interior Design, recommended several great reupholsters. We ended up going with David from Heirloom Upholstery and I couldn't have been more impressed. The blue faux suede looks amazing against our wood floors, gray walls, and off-white shag rug. 

Just a peak of our den thus far! Pretty sparse, but it's what we got to work with. Our first piece that we actually put in this room was the light fixture that I made; the birdcage light. When you turn it on it makes some pretty crazy shadows in the room. The ugly wing back chairs in here will indeed be reupholstered sometime me. It might be hard, but I'm going to give it a try. Not sure if they will end up staying in the den since this past weekend I found almost an exact replica of our couch in chair form! It too will need reupholstering, but for $25, it will be so worth it! 

Hope you enjoyed another furniture post. I couldn't resist, I love showing the couch off. 

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4 Responses to My Dream Vintage Couch

  1. The couch turned out incredible...the color is wonderful and it fits in so well.

  2. Thank you so much! I'm pretty obsessed with it. :)

  3. AH I LOVE THAT COLOR! What a gorgeous set up you have going on!

  4. It looks great Kate - good job!


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