Before & After: Vintage Chair

House projects are back under way! This spring I've got more than my fare share of ideas and lists to keep Zach and I busy for some time. This cute little vintage chair was purchased at a salvage yard for $5.00...after bargaining it down from $30.00. With some left over fabric from my mom, a good sanding, stain, and polyurethane finish, this chair makes an excellent addition to our growing furniture collection! 



These after photos were taken without natural light, so the chair appears a ton more orange than it does in person. It does have a hint of reddish orange to it, which I wanted to add to complement the blue geometric fabric. I loved how the character of the chair - all of the wood grain and uneven coloring - truly came out during the refinishing process. It fits right in with our other pieces... not new, but refinished and ready to have a second chance. 
Stay tune for more of my upcoming projects! 

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9 Responses to Before & After: Vintage Chair

  1. Great barganing skills! I can't believe they wanted $30 bucks for it. You did a wonderful job refurbishing it.
    ~Eau de Violet

  2. Wow - really looks like an expensive piece with alot of character. Don't you just love wood?

  3. It looks great! You did an amazing job touching it up!

  4. Kate it looks beautiful! I love brown and blue together :) I am hoping to get a few projects in over the weekend, hooray for house projects!

  5. That chair turned out amazing...such a great fins...that fabric is so great!!

  6. love this kate! looks gorgeous!

  7. Beautiful job. The wood looks fantastic.

  8. Wow!! It looks great! You're really good at these Before & After projects!

    Cup of Tea

  9. This chair is stunning!! You did such a great job :)


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