A Taste of Indian Summer

It's sad, but the past week I didn't get a chance to enjoy this insane weather at all.
I shouldn't complain too much because it was spent working the Nike expo booth for the Chicago Marathon!
To see 45,000 people come through the expo in two days is phenomenal...and overwhelming.
On our breaks I'd take a moment to go outside and check out all the sailboats and people by the lake.
So glad that the weather stayed nice for me to enjoy it a little bit on Sunday and Monday.
Just a taste of Indian summer. 

The leaves are falling like crazy in our neighborhood! 
I'm loving all the vibrant colors of orange, yellow, and red...and have been enjoying wearing clothes that match the lovely outdoors. I've was so pumped when I found these pink shorts at the J Crew Outlet coming back from Chicago a couple months ago, but my favorite find was this burnt orange top from the kid's section. Don't judge...it fits and it was super cheap.  Seriously, if you are a x-small or small, you should always check out the kid's section for the same kind of clothing, but at half the cost. 
Little trick my bestie, Kenz, taught me. :)


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4 Responses to A Taste of Indian Summer

  1. Best of all you can pass that top down to your future little King.

  2. haha i love that you buy kids clothes. too cute. If I could, I would!! ;) Love those pretty pictures with all of the leaves. I'm so jealous because the leaves don't change or fall here in FL!! My dad was in Grand Rapids last weekend and told me he went to this really cool art festival or something, and I totally thought of you! ha! He kept telling me how gorgeous it was and what perfect weather he had. There's nothing prettier than rocking a cute orange shirt during the fall season!! ;)

  3. Awww! You look sweet :) Haha, I have a dress from the kids section that I wear at Christmas time.

  4. Love the burnt orange top! Sometimes the best stuff is in the kid's section!


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