Industrial Cabinet

Slowly, I've been finding my style and direction for the house. 
For me, beauty is seen throughout the ages and I want my house to portray this. Blending styles from vintage, industrial, and modern inspiration is my goal. My latest project was to find more storage for my dressing room. I wanted to go industrial and I wanted it to be bright. 

Here is the before. 

And the after...

It's perfect, it's me, and I love it! I'll be doing more industrial pieces for the stay tuned! 
Think a combination of rustic, steel, and illumination.
Any guesses? 


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7 Responses to Industrial Cabinet

  1. I like it a lot!! I am trying to do a mix of modern, rustic, and vintage in the house :)

    How did you paint that? It looks really smooth and even!

  2. love it! did you use spray paint?

  3. Oooh, I really like this. Someday when I actually need to make a house adorable, will you come do it for me? Hehe.

  4. Beautiful! What a great idea - you have such good vision. I need some of that!


  5. Yep i did! Took a ton of bottles though!

  6. I would love too! hehe how fun would being a professional house decorator be! :)

  7. Wow this turned out fabulous!!

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