Run Away // Robinettes

No one says that training for a race is an easy process. Running an ultra marathon is pretty much farthest you can get on the extreme side of long distance running - making the training pretty intense. I'm not going to lie, the last two weeks I have been in a rut. The combination of the heat and just feeling burnt out, my motivation was gone. Regardless, I still ran, but it wasn't enjoyable. It wasn't until Scott Jurek, an ultra marathon legend, came out to Gazelle's Dirty Herd event to run with everyone, that the desire to get back on the trails ignited. Scott is such an inspiration for anyone interested in running ultras or eating a more plant-based diet, which he is a huge advocate for. After that night, I decided to get back out to Robinettes and do most of my 3 hour run on these trails. It hurt and it wasn't easy, but it brought my focus back. 

I love capturing these moments when we run. Zach and I tend to run light, not carrying tons of gear, 
but being able to stow my phone and get some quick photos, makes us able to treasure these amazing runs even more. After doing two loops at Robinettes and a short loop at Provin Trails, I headed back home for the last half of my run. With just the road in front of me and a refreshed mindset, I was happy to be running.  

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4 Responses to Run Away // Robinettes

  1. That looks like an awesome place to run! My go-to spot is Roselle Park but the path isn't long enough and it's full sun most of the day ... I might have to try Robinette's out!

  2. Nicole @ TreasuretrompJune 28, 2012 at 2:46 PM

    that rail looks beautiful!

  3. I love seeing your instgrams of your runs! Wow, how far do you run in three hours?? I honestly have not been running that much lately, but I am going to sign up for that run in November. Having a goal and then reading posts like this is very inspiring :)


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