Weekend Adventures // Olympic Trials

It's hard to imagine that two days ago I was amongst some of the most talented runners in 
America. The Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon - the mecca of Track & Field - I felt like a kid in 
a candy store. Inspiration, drive, and hard work seep through the historic Hayward Field; allowing
dreams to be made and records to be broken. Not only did I get to witness some intense races, 
I also took in the character of Eugene. From it's overwhelming growth of greenery, to the endless 
trails at every corner, I smiled and took it all in. 
Staying at the Brooks House, we met dedicated athletes and specialty running retailers who
 all were held captive by the atmosphere the Trials create. Pure courage, mental drive, strength
and high emotions were all witnessed. It was where you left it all on the track.
Standing in front of Pre's Rock was surreal. Steve Prefontaine was like no other - cocky as hell, 
but fast and gutsy. He will forever be a legend in the running community. 
Spending the weekend running through Pre's Trail, Amazon Trails, Dorris Ranch, and
 Spencer Butte, I was never at a loss for places to explore. By far my most rewarding run was
climbing 2055 feet up Spencer Butte. Reaching the summit, joy and a sense of freedom overtook
 me. The meaning of running ran through my head - it's the places you go, the things you see, the 
strength you achieve, and the happiness that is bound to be found. 

Have you ever been to Eugene? I think the west is calling my name for my next big travels. 

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4 Responses to Weekend Adventures // Olympic Trials

  1. Eugene is gorgeous. If you're coming back, you have to cruise through Portland (and tell me when you do!) and see Seaside, too. There's a lot of beautiful sights to see 'round these parts, I'll admit.

  2. Wow, what beautiful pictures! Between this post and my friend's camping pics, I really think that I need to pay a visit to Oregon! being around so many awesome people that inspire you sounds like heaven right now. I love visiting your blog and seeing all of your pics lately because you are really happy and it shows. It's great to know people who love life so much, it makes me happy to know them and all of the love makes me feel great too.

  3. Wow great job on the run! That's really pretty cool stuff :)

    Haven't been to Eugene but now am curious to check it out!


  4. so neat that you got to go to the OT! I've always wanted to visit Oregon; it looks beautiful there.


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