Weekend Adventures // At Home

To stay at home all weekend long is a rarity for us as of late. This past weekend we vowed to 
have some quality "couple time" and just work on the backyard projects... which turned out to 
be one of the most rewarding undertaking. Once more grass is seeded, plants bought, and 
dirt removed - I'll have to share the finished result. As for now, a glimpse into our weekend.
Green sun tea with fresh mint & lemons + Lemon sorbet = the best things to enjoy on a hot day! 
This weekend also marked the start of our ultra marathon training... Lots of running braids will be 
happening this summer. It's the only way I can handle having such long hair on sweltering days like 
this past Sunday! Makes me scared to see how hot August will be if it's already been in the 90's! 
Digging out our old, crumbling retaining wall to replace it with the above gem was the major project we 
accomplished this weekend. It took way longer than I expected, but turned out perfectly. A bonus
touch, Zach put together the arbor he had built for our wedding and placed it on the pathway to 
the lower level of our yard. Such a lovely reminder of a perfect day. 
Hope everyone has a killer week. Any fun plans coming up? 
Enjoy the sunshine and the feeling of spring bliss! 

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6 Responses to Weekend Adventures // At Home

  1. Looks like a fun weekend! That yellow ice cream looks deeeelicious!
    I'm super excited for summer! Hoping to visit the beaches of Lake Michigan! :)

    Cup of Tea

  2. sounds like a lovely weekend.
    we should get together and thrift again soon!

  3. Love it! I can't wait to see pictures of those beautiful gardens! Are you going to plant a vine on the arbor? :)

  4. Thanks Kayley - I can't wait to get everything planted. Yep, vines for sure... I'm thinking clematis flowers. :)

  5. Sarah | ChicsprinklesMay 24, 2012 at 8:10 AM

    Sounds like you have a great weekend! Your yard is going to be just gorgeous, can't wait to see :]


  6. Sounds like a great weekend.
    Dare I ask...what is an ultra marathon??


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