Run Away

There is something exhilarating about running amongst 20,000 people. The energy, restlessness, and pure passion all in downtown Grand Rapids sends me into running heaven. The Fifth Third Riverbank Run is the largest 25k road race in the country and is a phenomenal run to witness. I've done the 25k four years in a row and cherish running it every year...despite how I feel afterwards. Since I work for Gazelle Sports, one of the races sponsors, I made sure to sport my embroidered D'lite Micro Mesh tank, my racing Brooks HVAC Shorts, and my favorite Mizuno Wave Riders
This was the first year that I've actually enjoyed the festivities after the race. We congratulated friends 
and co-workers who raced, grabbed a free beer, and enjoyed the views from Downtown Grand Rapids. 
Definitely my favorite year thus far - to share it was dear friends and to feel proud about my race - you can't beat that. Here is to training for Riverbank Run 2013! 

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3 Responses to Run Away

  1. Wow, I cannot even fathom 25K!! But, you guys are awesome for doing it! Haha, I love that you are having a beer after, Kyle always tries to give me a beer after a run :P GR looks so awesome. I really want to come visit you guys this summer, I have never been to Grand Rapids in the summer. Congrats again on the race!!

  2. congrats on a great race! hopefully i'll be running next year. :)

  3. Sarah | ChicsprinklesMay 30, 2012 at 11:08 AM

    Your weekends always look like so much fun!! xo


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