Sportswear as Everyday Wear

On the weekends, I pretty much live in my Lole Essential Jacket. It is such a versatile piece - looking
stellar with jeans, as a cover up to and from the gym, or even out on the town with a fancy basic layer. 
With the nights turning chilly, it is just the right weight to keep me from freezing! 
Especially during the winter, I swear by Buff Bands. Cloudy days + humidity have made this girl lazy, 
so headbands are my escape from doing my hair all pretty. They come in so many fun colors that can
go with any sportswear or everyday wear. 
The Vibram Five Fingers. If you haven't heard about these guys yet... get out of your hole and google them.
A barefoot shoe that can be used for a variety of activities, my Komosports LS are used just for 
trekking or for water activities. I love pairing them with all kinds of pants or shorts. They are 
unexpected in everyday wear...making me love them even more. 

With the Riverbank 25K Run coming up this weekend, there won't be a shortage of sportswear being
donned. After racing, that's pretty much all I want to wear until my legs feel like normal again. 
Come on, ya'll know you love sweatpants and baggy t-shirts! :)

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3 Responses to Sportswear as Everyday Wear

  1. how is running in vibrams? i've heard mixed reviews. i'm curious, but i have horribly flat feet, so i think it'd spell trouble for me. :(

    good luck with the run this weekend! i wanted to race, but i've had bad luck with the ankles of late, so i'm hoping for a fall race instead.

  2. I'm still slightly sketched out by people wearing Vibrams... especially the commuting businessmen in suits and neon Vibrams, haha. How do they feel to walk around in?

    Anywho, I like when you rock out your sportswear for non-sport occasions because it reminds us that you can re-appropriate anything in your wardrobe with a little creativity.

  3. You look so awesome and pretty! I love the way you combine sportswear with your everyday clothes, you always look sleek like those celebs when they are caught out and about, lol.


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